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Review: Tom Walker - Bee Boo @ The Spare Room


Review: Tom Walker - Bee Boo @ The Spare Room

Dasha Romanowski

You may know of Tom Walker if you still for whatever reason watch free-to-air television and tuned in to the Australian season of Whose Line Is It Anyway in the past couple of months. Or perhaps, if you have Facebook, you might have noticed him pop up in a dashing white turtleneck on an ad for KitKat Duo. That's Tom Walker, and now you can see him do his thing for a mere 28 clams!

And by 'do his thing', I mean be a total weirdo. If you're not into seeing a grown man consecutively throw six toy babies around a stage and smack their heads on chairs, maybe give Bee Boo a miss. However, if this sounds like your cup of tea, you're going to have a great time (millenials, I'm looking at you).

Walker is a master of clowning and pulling the most unnerving facial expressions you could ever see on a man, and he attended L'Ecole Philippe Gaulier so you can bet he'll deliver the best shocked chicken impression of your life. On the night in question, three surly middle-aged people sat behind me and spent the majority of the show cross-armed, with one particularly apathetic punter scrolling through her phone. Walker picked up on this and wildly gesticulated to the cardboard sign at the side of the stage titled "Walk Outs", the tally at the time being six, and queried excitedly whether they were next to add to the count. They remained seated, although I did overhear one of them during a particularly enthusiastic mime fishing segment ask another, "do you get it? Why is it funny?"

This is an apt (and hilarious) summary of the show. While most of the crowd was raucously laughing at Walker's antics, a minority sat scratching their heads. Bee Boo is fantastic physical comedy and very silly, at times bordering on the absurd, but that's entirely the point - Walker is well aware that Bee Boo will be the highlight of the Fringe for one punter and the absolute worst show ever to another.

Bring your pals to this for a guaranteed cackle, but maybe leave mum at home because she'll probably question your life choices and ask what drugs you're on this time to find this funny.

Bee Boo will be on at The Spare Room in The Garden of Unearthly Delights until March 19. Purchase tickets via Adelaide Fringe.

Header image via Adelaide Fringe