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Fringe: Cull @ The Royal Croquet Club


Fringe: Cull @ The Royal Croquet Club

Adrienne Goode

If you’re guilty of poking fun at #fitspo babes with an unattainably flawless Instagram grid, jumping on the neknomination bandwagon(s), or blocking your relatives on FB (sorry nan), then here’s a show you’re bound to like. In their show Cull, Honor Wolff and Patrick Durnan Silva take viewers on a brutal hour-long culling spree, one Facebook douche and Insta-queen at a time. After booming shows at the Melbourne Fringe last year, Wolff and Durnan Silva are making their debut to the Adelaide Fringe everything you could ever want in a comedic/dance/tap/choral/satirical performance.

The show is self-described as a “trashy, David Lynchian, wet nightmare sketch show, where all your Facebook freaks come to life, lock you in a room and tag you”. We certainly don’t want to experience that IRL, but watching two hysterical and wacky creatives act out our social media terrors on stage is indeed something we were curious to see. And, yes, we can confirm a trashy, David Lynchian, wet nightmare sketch show is exactly what we got (and could have ever hoped for).

Nestled in the far north-eastern corner of The Royal Croquet Club is The Parlour—a cheeky and quaint pop-up theatre where you’ll find this mischievous duo. Surrounded by the RCC’s vibrant atmosphere, delicious street food and variety of bevvies, Wolff and Durnan Silva examine your social media habits and shamelessly slap you in the face with them, meme-after-meme, selfie-after-selfie.

From YouTube stars to neknominators and fitspo babes to Insta-famous cats, everyone is in the firing line. There’s no escaping the harsh online truths that are taken from your Facebook, savagely dissected and hurled right back at you during the show’s ingenious culling session. The pair execute every sketch with incredible onstage chemistry, intensity, and energy. The show is fast-paced and consistently fluctuating from impersonations, choreographic routines, and confronting, lingering stares that have you feeling just as violated as your endless message requests from overseas randos. Much like the nature of the online world, the show is rapidly changing and seriously addictive.

Cull will force you to have a laugh at your online acquaintances (if you haven't already) and leave you with a new-found inspiration to go home and cull some of your own Facebook friends. Whether you’re the one doing the culling or the one being culled, you’re bound have a chuckle at this Fringe show.

Star rating: 4/5

What: Cull

When: 10th March – 12th March @ 10:30PM & 16th March – 19th March @10:30PM

Where: The Parlour, Royal Croquet Club

Header via the Adelaide Fringe website