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Donnarumma Present The Songs Of Jeff Buckley @ Jive


Donnarumma Present The Songs Of Jeff Buckley @ Jive

Jason Katsaras

Last Friday at Jive we were lucky enough to catch Grace: The Songs of Jeff Buckley. This performance stems from the minds of Donnarumma, an Adelaide group fronted by Louis Donnarumma, who have already asserted their talents in their own original works, gigging around town throughout 2016. Demand for this three piece has steeply risen in recent months, as news of the group's brilliance and Lewis' unabashed passion has got around. Last year in fact, the group debut'd the Jeff Buckley tribute show, only to have all four show's sell out. Unsurprisingly, this year the group has once again nailed the Jeff Buckley nostalgia, while maintaining a distinctive and delightful Donnarumma feel.

"If Grace is anything to go by, Donnarumma is quite a talent"  - Upside News

With the help of Django Rowe on Guitar, Anthony Costanzo on Bass and Max Tulysewski on Drums, Lewis successfully cast a spell on the huge audience in Jive. Taking viewers on a journey through Buckley's breadth of work, from tracks such as 'Last Goodbye' to a rendition of the haunting 'Hallelujah'. Split into two 45 minute sets, Grace still managed to leave us wanting more. We would encourage any fans of the gig to get along to some Donnarumma shows, as we can promise that all the drama and high energy of Grace carries into their 'Roots Rock' music.

Recently, musicians recognising the trio's unique energy, has allowed Donnarumma to support Julia Jacklin and Mane, with this momentum and popularity forming a big part of why 'Grace' has been so successful. If you're a fan of nostalgia, Jeff Buckley or just great guys doing great things, you're in luck as two 'Grace' shows remain. The last shows are to be held at the characterful Grace Emily, with tickets selling extremely fast, tis' better to grab them sooner rather than later.