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Cheese After Dark - It's A Gouda Time


Cheese After Dark - It's A Gouda Time

Emma Ferraro

I personally consider cheese to be a valued societal norm. It's pretty much the cornerstone element to every successful social gathering. Too lazy to make a three course meal for a dinner party? Solution: cheese platter. Need something tasty to accompany your tastings at a wine tour? Cheese platter. Entree for 21st party? Cheese platter. Bring a snack to a board game night? Cheese platter. I know someone who was once cut off from the cheese platter at a birthday party by the host's mother, that's how good they are. 

Whether it's your soft cheeses of brie and camembert with artisan bread and red wine, your Danish feta or bocconcini in a summer salad, or parmesan or mozzarella on an Italian pasta, cheese is generally kind of excellent. I have a list of my top 10 cheeses (not that anyone cares, but you know.)

If you're a big fan of cheese, The Smelly Cheese Shop at The Adelaide Central Markets has an abundance of opportunities to tantalise your tastebuds. 


Cue, Cheese After Dark: the chance to explore the complex flavours and extensive variety of cheeses produced by global artisans. Guests will learn about the conditions in which cheeses are made and matured. Likewise, audiences will challenge their palettes by learning the basic rules of sensory analysis in order to understand and appreciate fine cheeses. This class is not only appropriate for beginners, but also caters to those looking for something more intensive.

Tickets ($50 per person) are limited, with the upcoming February session already sold out. To secure tickets for the March session, visit, phone 8410 7328 or visit Stall 44, Adelaide Central Market.

Tuesday 14 February 2017- 6.30-8.30pm (SOLD OUT) 
Tuesday 7 March 2017 - 6.30-8.30pm
Tuesday 9 May 2017- 6.30-8.30pm
Tuesday 13 June 2017- 6.30-8.30pm

If you're looking for something a little more specific, The Smelly Cheese Shop also host masterclasses focusing more intensively on specific cheeses. Hooray!

Photos via Cheese After Dark and The Smelly Cheese Shop.