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Announcing The Three D Radio Listener Survey


Announcing The Three D Radio Listener Survey

Emma Ferraro

You might not know it, but community radio is fundamental to media, both in terms of content creation and sharing that particular content. Unlike national radio, community radio is more localised, allowing for intimate perspectives of the ongoings of an immediate area, as well as being more accessible to listeners, allowing them to be directly involved in what they hear, and who else hears it.  

Three D Radio 93.7fm is sending out the bat signal, asking their audience to have their input about the future of their radio station.

If you haven't heard of Three D Radio, they are a community broadcaster in Adelaide that play local, alternative, and progressive music. The station commenced in 1979, from a grassroots movement that centralised on transforming a passive audience to one that was directly involved with production. Three D Radio aimed to create a place where the thriving Adelaide music scene could be appreciated, and develop into something more widespread. 

To this day, Three D Radio is run entirely by approximately 130 volunteers.

Three D plays (a minimum) 20% local Adelaide music, 40% Australian content, and 25% female artists. There are shows dedicated to blues, heavy metal, electronic, roots, rap and more, often focusing on contemporary issues relevant to key segments of the community, such as youth, arts, and the environment. 

As a community radio station, Three D Radio exists to serve their local audiences. Their survey is designed for listeners to inform them on how they are tracking - what you like, dislike, any ideas for potential improvements, and other interesting suggestions.

So why the survey? Three D wants to ensure that they're serving their community by being the best that they can be. Simply put: you don't know if you don't ask. The information will affect their on-air sound, including the content produced, music played, current topics to be discussed. By completing this survey, not only can Three D gain valuable insight into what the audience wants, but can ensure that they are moving in the right direction in the future.  

The survey is anonymous, although some content will be accessible for public consumption. All participants can choose to enter the draw to win some gosh darn amazing prizes:

1) A Garden Of Unearthly Delights Golden Ticket: valued at nearly $2500, the ticket allows an access pass to see a show at The Garden every night during The Fringe. 

2) A Fender acoustic guitar and hard case: valued at over $600

3) 5x Three D Radio Shirts, and stubbie holder packs: so you can listen to some local Adelaide tunes with a Coopers Pale Ale

4) 5x Mystery CD packs

To enter, visit, and complete the anonymous survey by Valentines Day (Feb 14th).

Photos via Three D Radio Facebook.