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Fringe: A Musical Of Thrones: A Comedy Of Ice And Fire


Fringe: A Musical Of Thrones: A Comedy Of Ice And Fire

Adrienne Goode

A Game of Thrones has truly come alive, and as Cersei Lannister most famously observed: you either win, or you die. Though in the case of this ridiculous Fringe parody, it’s a little more exciting and a little less cut-throat than that. Challenging the Court to a Trial By Rap Battle allows those trialed to place their fate in the hands of the musical gods. After all, there’s nothing more honourable than departing this life amid epic dance moves, impromptu rhymes, and a blockbuster hip hop war.

Presented by Moonboy, A Musical of Thrones: A Comedy of Ice and Fire creatively fuses musical theatre with wisecrack comedy, scandalous betrayal, and unguarded pop culture satire. Refreshing and light-hearted, this humorous production provides a pleasant break from George R. R. Martin’s oppressively melancholic and ruinous original.

Written and directed by Daniel Cullen and produced by Tali M-K, the show comprises of a twenty-person cast and enough wit, faultless accent imitations (cue to: Cullen’s hysterically monotonous portrayal of Jon Snow), and sassy dance moves to keep you under oath for the entire two hours.

The show opens amid young Bran learning of Bran the Builder’s triumphant fortification feats, including historical northern recounts and timely Donald Trump jokes alike. Much like Season 1, the Seven Kingdoms are on the verge of war and the Stark family is preparing their quaint – but shitty – village for the arrival of King Robert Baratheon; a.k.a The Burger King; a.k.a The Wearer of Sandals; a.k.a Bobby B.

While the majority of the dialogue is taken directly from the beloved TV series, the juxtaposition of choreography, expression, and tone of voice entices you to question character motives and re-examine your most hated role(s). Plummet head first into the medieval world where Jon is ultra sulky, Myrcella is ultra sassy, and where you’ll actually be downhearted about Joffrey’s fate.

Vocal solos reveal hidden truths about each character, while group harmonies enliven the show’s ghastly adversities, political minefields, and power-hungry families. With a collection of ingenious monologues, hilarious up-tempos, and incestual ballads, the production’s musical segments offer a sophisticated musical foundation complemented with a comical (and sometimes twisted) repertoire of rhymes.

Childhood trauma, dysfunctional families, and grieving mothers-turned-grieving-widows is the perfect recipe for a classic tragedy comedy, thus A Musical of Thrones is bound to have you giggling amid your upcoming Season 7 anxieties.

Star rating: 3.5/5

What: A Musical of Thrones: A Comedy of Ice and Fire

When: 24th February – 26th February

Where: Theatre One, The Parks Theatres (46 Cowan Street, Angle Park)

Header via the Adelaide Fringe website.