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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Graeme Of Thrones In The Garden!


Graeme Of Thrones In The Garden!

Harrison Schultz

Every year we wait for the Fringe to throw handfuls of entertainment our way, and every year it delivers, leaving everyone in a scramble to try and find which shows we might enjoy the most. This year my first show was a bit of a no brainer, after spending the last few years hooked on the HBO TV show and slowly making my way through the books, Graeme of Thrones is an honest retelling of Game of Thrones.

Imagine watching Game of Thrones, now imagine it as a sit-com, the situation? Selling Game of Thrones as a theatrical production, minus the grand special effects, add a few low-fi and strange props plus a few eccentric actors and boom, it’s actually goddamn genius.

Spoiler Alert. Seriously, turn back. This won’t spoil Graeme of Thrones but if you’re lacking behind in Game of Thrones, turn back now!

Sometimes cheap special effects are the best special effects and this show nails cheap special effects. Covering scenes from Bran's great fall, Sansa’s first period (there’s a leaf blower, bottle of water and confetti/glitter involved) and even Renly’s death. Yes, it was possible, the scene in which Melisandre births a shadow to assassinate Renly? Well, this version involves a gimp suit, nude suit and a fake beard (acting as other body hair), don’t say I didn’t warn you. If anything, these special effects will leave you with a sense of awe or maybe a sense of uhh?

Regardless of how well you might know the real show, Graeme of Thrones is a fantastic production which will keep you guessing and grinning from ear to ear, start to finish. Just be prepared for a little audience interaction, you might find yourself with no shirt or marching around the stage if you're not too careful.

Location: The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Umbrella Revolution Tent

Time: 7:00pm, Nightly