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Fringe: Heath Franklin's Chopper - The Line Up


Fringe: Heath Franklin's Chopper - The Line Up

Erin Gear

Heath Franklin, otherwise known as Chopper - often by himself in the third person - has returned to the Fringe this year with fresh material, and new acts. With support from the hilarious Venezuelan comedian Ivan Aristeguieta, musical comedian Sammy J, and Eddie Ifft, a comedian from the States who, true to his word, said he would leave America if Donald Trump got elected.

The line up offers different flavours of comedy from the lewd and crude of Chopper himself, to the relatable singalong tunes of Sammy J (minus Randy). Not holding back, Chopper's show features attacks on Donald Trump, sex robots, hotels and the occasional taboo religious reference - and yes, pretty much in that order too!

Having just been up in Queensland's hot and humid far north, Chopper is 'f*ckin' glad' to be in Adelaide. He didn't even want to leave the stage come end of the show, spontaneously coming up with a tangent of topics to rant and rage about - Optus received a particularly brutal bashing.

While Chopper's humour would not be everyone's cup of tea, and certainly not advisable for children, he made the audience bellow with laughter at his comedy and general political incorrectness.

Get your tickets here for Chopper's new show!

WHERE: Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent - Garden of Unearthly Delights

WHEN: 17th February - 17th March

Star Rating: 3/5

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