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Fringe: Erotic Intelligence for Dummies


Fringe: Erotic Intelligence for Dummies

Dasha Romanowski

As you enter the Cupola, comedian Helen Cassidy ushers you to your seat and requests that no gaps are left between you and your neighbour. Once you’re feeling cosy and only slightly uncomfortable, Cassidy launches into an hour-long exploration of one of our society’s oldest and most familiar institutions: monogamy.

Melding theatre, song, puppetry and comedy, Cassidy masterfully plants the seed in the audience’s mind that maybe, just maybe, monogamy isn’t the only way to experience fulfilment in life. Cassidy approaches what is often a sensitive topic (to the heteronormative monogamous majority of the world, at least) with remarkable flair, broadening the minds of her viewers with a perfectly-placed masturbation joke amid a cheeky explanatory segment about the animalistic nature of humans. It’s the fact that she doesn’t come across as persuasive that makes her so damn persuasive.

The show packs a whole lot of informative and hilarious content into its hour-long slot without being overwhelming, which makes me wonder what my uni lecturers were doing when I left scratching my head clutching half a tree’s worth of papers after a two-hour workshop. Combined with impeccable and side-splitting crowd work (a tough gig in itself!) and her easygoing and engaging stage presence, Cassidy’s Erotic Intelligence For Dummies is a show that anyone could have a giggle at while learning a thing or two about polyamory, the tragic sex lives of male honeybees, and the modern meaning of unicorn. Now go forth and spread the love by seeing this show!

*Disclaimer: you will never look at plush koala bears the same way after this show. If you value your teddy bear, heed my words and be warned.

Erotic Intelligence for Dummies will continue to show every night but Mondays at the Cupola, The Garden of Unearthly Delights at 7:00pm until March 19. Purchase tickets here.