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Fringe: Demi Lardner - Look What You Made Me Do


Fringe: Demi Lardner - Look What You Made Me Do

Kate Sansome

2013 Raw Comedy winner, Demi Lardner, brings her show Look What You Made Me Do to The Garden of Unearthly Delights this Fringe season.  The show sees Lardner performing as Gavin, a mid-forties man with the maturity and mindset of a pre-pubescent boy as he deals with telemarketers and being trapped inside his basement.

Look What You Made Me Do is quite unusual, to say the least, yet it gives the opportunity to showcase Lardner’s hilarious and creative mind, as she captivates the entire crowd in the intimate space of the Spare Room.  Her energy is exhilarating, as she combines vulgar one-liners that would offend your grandma with very complex, well-thought out jokes.  At one point you’re so blindsided by the punchline that Lardner even has to explain the joke.

Lardner takes you on a chaotic journey, as she explores the twisted mind of her alter-ego, Gavin.  Look What You Made Me Do is filled with sketches from fisting ghosts to horse divorces and the existential crises of a caterpillar, all the way to the difficulties of being an offspring of a turtle and a box.  At some points the ridiculousness is even too much for Lardner to handle, as she finds herself shaking her head at her own jokes. 

Lardner's Look What You Made Me Do is completely absurd but is nothing short of entertaining.  If you like a good spicy meme and you're a fan of the unusual then Lardner's comedy show is for you.

Where: The Spare Room at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

When: 17th February - 19th March

Tickets available here

Star Rating: 3.5/5

Header Image via Demi Lardner