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Fringe: Kevin Quantum - Illuminations


Fringe: Kevin Quantum - Illuminations

Erin Gear

Kevin Quantum - scientist and magician - hails from Adelaide's fellow Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, and brings his show Illuminations to the Adelaide Fringe for the first time this year. Trained by world famous magic duo Penn & Teller, Kevin's show is nothing short of brilliant.

Combining the worlds of magic and science, Kevin will leave you in disbelief through the entirety of his show, as you're not able to tell what is science experiment, and what is a magic trick. He has a charming persona that is immediately likeable, and his deliverance is cute and quirky. Mid-way through the show, he nostalgically retells his magic origin story, when he appeared on the hit British reality show Faking It as a scientist, and was trained to be an illusionist. By far one of the most interesting career origin stories I've heard, Kevin's Fringe show is without a doubt a success.

It's probably the accent, and of course the magic, but Illuminations has an amusing Harry Potter-esq vibe that is reminiscent of your childhood, when you wanted to believe in magic more than anything else. Kevin latches on to this from the very beginning of his show, separating the audience in to 'believers, 'sceptics' and 'cynics' of magic. Through much audience participation, there's no avoiding it - front, middle or back, it doesn't matter where you sit - the 'Trout of Destiny' will reach you - by the end of the show you will be believer. 

Delightful, funny, and surrounded by wonder and intrigue, Kevin Quantum: Illuminations is the perfect show for families, first dates or Friday night fiestas!

Performing at the Corona Theatre in The Garden of Unearthly Delights, you can purchase tickets online hereDon't miss out on seeing his debut at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe Festival. 

Watch a snippet of Kevin performing street magic below as a pre-show warm up!

Star Rating: 4/5

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