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Fringe: DRAGAPELLA! Starring The Kinsey Sicks


Fringe: DRAGAPELLA! Starring The Kinsey Sicks

Laura Brain

‘Are you looking for something a little titillating? Something a little bit naughty but still safe? Glamorous female impersonators you can laugh at from the comfort of your certifiable heterosexual seat? Then you came to the wrong f*****g show.’

Reigning all the way from the USA, the talented Drag Queens known as the Kinsey Sicks are set to deliver an hour of non-stop impressive and beautiful A capella harmonies, colourful costumes, and bawdy yet classy humour that leaves the audience in gasps and side splitting laughter. They’re thought of as both a comedy tube and A capella group, but they have many hidden talents, and special surprises - so expect the unexpected.

via The Kinsey Sicks Facebook page

via The Kinsey Sicks Facebook page

In an intimate evening with the Kinsey Sicks, Dragapella introduces us to Trixie, who claims that Donald Trump reached out to her personally. Her favourite Fairy tale is ‘Jack-ing the Beanstalk.’ Next up, we have Trampolina, who doesn’t seem to understand, well, anything. Her favourite Fairy tale is ‘Crumpled Foreskin.’ Winnie’s favourite Fairy Tale is ‘The three little chauvinist pigs and their misogynistic attempt to disempower a strong lesbian separatist she wolf’ – I say no more. Finally, we have Rachel, the shortest of the Drag Queens and a ‘walking poster child for abnormal psychology.’ Her favourite Fairy tale is of course, ‘Seeping Booty.’ The gorgeous Drag Queens are dressed in blue and red, Aussie flag themed costumes with big hair, big makeup and big personalities.

They are America’s favourite beauty shop quartet, and have definitely earned this title delivering melodies with style, professionalism and the utmost perfection. The Kinsey Sicks sing a selection of songs from their 23 year years of classics - so they can keep the show at a ‘manageable length,’ even though Trixie says that ‘any length is manageable.’ A personal favourite was ‘Waltzing my Dildo,’ a Kinsey Sick’s spin on the Aussie classic ‘Waltzing Matilda.’ Other spins on classics include ‘Unnatural Women’ (Natural Woman) ‘I’ll Swallow Him’ (I’ll Follow Him) and ‘Tranny Boy’ (Danny Boy), and more that will leave you singing these catchy twisted versions of well-known songs for the next four hours of your night.

With mentions of dildos, vibrators, and ‘doing it in the other hole,’ this is certainly not the show for kids but is completely recommended for anyone that enjoys risqué humour and entertainment, completely original to anything you’ve seen before. Also you’ve been warned, audience participation occurs frequently.

Without giving too much away, Dragapella uses song to deliver important messages. Expect hints of feminism and politically pointed humour but delivered in a smart and refreshing way. You need to see it for yourself.

We loved Dragapella and thought it was the most fun you can have with your clothes on but ‘if you think you’re coming to see a charming and inoffensive drag show, then boy, you’ve chosen badly.’

Tickets to Dragapella! Starring the Kinsey Sicks can be purchased here.

Star Rating: 4/5 stars

What: DRAGAPELLA! Starring the Kinsey Sicks

Where: The Garden of Unearthly Delights

When: 17th Feb- 19th March 9:45pm (every night except Mondays).

 Header via the Adelaide Fringe website