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Fringe: Baby Wants Candy


Fringe: Baby Wants Candy

Erin Gear

Baby Wants Candy, the completely improvised musical, has hit the Adelaide Fringe Festival for the first time this year, and it is sensational.

You can probably remember having fun with improv games such as Space Jump in high school Drama classes, where you had to act out a scene completely off the top of your head. If you were anything like me, then this was a lot easier said than done. Well, the American troupe Baby Wants Candy, supported by the Yes Band (three of whom are from right here in Adelaide), take Theatre Sports to a whole new level!

With no idea what they will be performing on any given night, Baby Wants Candy rely on the audience to come up with a title for the musical, which they then base the performance on. Last night's performance was titled Fifty Shades of School Photographs. It was a deliriously funny, satirical take on Fifty Shades of Grey, set in a 1950s school setting. Previous titles they've worked with have been Donald Trump Goes to Hogwarts and Mary Poppins Has Ebola, and you can only imagine how hilarious they would've been. 

 The troupe,  via @babywantscandy Instagram

The troupe, via @babywantscandy Instagram

Quick witted and wildly creative, Baby Wants Candy never perform the same improvised musical twice. The troupe, 'glad to be out of America', were so well in sync with one another that it made for an easy to watch and enjoyable show. A lot of the time when people think of improv acts they immediately cringe, because of the long list of ways a performance can go wrong. But Baby Wants Candy pulled it out of the bag, as last night was incredible. 

Brilliantly clever, funny and amusing, no matter what performance ends up being on the night, Baby Wants Candy will leave you in stitches. It has some of the best one-liners I've ever seen live, not to mention all completely improvised.

Do yourself a favour and see Baby Wants Candy before they head back to America, where they'll no doubt get censored by the Trump administration for being too damn funny. 

Get your hands on tickets here, and head down to The Garden of Unearthly Delights before the season runs out.

Star Rating: 5/5

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