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Fringe: It's Not For Everyone @ The Royal Croquet Club


Fringe: It's Not For Everyone @ The Royal Croquet Club

Alana Trezise

Last night we headed down to the Royal Croquet Club's Menagerie tent to experience It's Not For Everyone, a show that really does live up to its name.

Presented by stalwarts of the circus performer scene, Acrobat have been performing to crowds for the last 20 years, finessing their shows into what they have produced for this year's Fringe Festival.

As the lights dimmed, two clown characters appeared, beginning the show immediately with a range of gags that you would typically imagine a cheesy clown to perform. Falling over their clumsy selves, running around doing fart gags and showing off their acrobat skills on a bicycle was entertaining, but to be honest, I was wondering 'is this show for me'?

It slowly progressed to become more and more obscure, drawing the audience in and capturing our attention with skits that made you really think about the deeper meaning. Using their incredible acrobatic skills, the clowns quickly transformed into a man wearing a suit, and a women 'carrying' him around the stage. The man made a low-brow comedic speech about 'men being men, and women being women', drawing on the traditional roles that society has placed on gender for hundreds of years. It was interesting to see how quickly the show had transformed into a deeper, insightful and meaningful comment on society.

As the show unfolded, ideologies and themes surrounding societal issues were portrayed with far more expression through the use of their body, using very minimal talking. Eventually, the clown personas were completely gone, instead replaced with fundamental, uncomplicated forms of the human self. It was captivating to watch these two bodies move across the stage, using something as simple as dirt against their bare bodies, and words such as I AM, YOU ARE and SHE IS to portray how one 'should act' in society; it was both thought provoking and mesmerising. 

Acrobat creatively comment on society having control over what we do, the social and cultural constructs ruling our lives and the idea of baring all sometimes to just fall over in a heap - because that's how life is. A relevant and well thought out performance that left me feeling slightly confused, entertained and emotive all at once. 

Overall, this is one show that you need to be prepared to use your thinking cap, to extract meaning from some very interpretative skits. It's definitely not for everyone, but I certainly enjoyed it.  

It's Not For Everyone is playing throughout the Fringe season at Royal Croquet Club. Get your tickets here


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