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Film Review: Gold


Film Review: Gold

Erin Gear

Matthew McConaughey is almost unrecognisable in his newest feature film Golda rags to riches tale - as the title would suggest. If you’re a fan of The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) or The Big Short (2015), then Gold will really satisfy; as it revels in the themes of wealth, greed and corruption. Set in the 80s, Gold follows the ambitious, but alcoholic, Kenny Wells (McConaughey) and Michael Acosta (Edgar Ramirez), the brooding and mysterious geologist, in their search for, and discovery of gold. 

Inspired by true events, Gold taps into audiences’ recent interest in the 'Wall Street’ genre; comprising of big money, big players and big parties. Initially, it is not hard to draw parallels between Gold and The Wolf of Wall Street despite belonging to different industries. However, by the film’s closing it is obvious that Gold is able to carry, and deliver, its own shock-factor and storyline. It is the dynamic between Wells and Acosta that is Gold’s main separating feature from other films of its genre; as the strong partnership, as a colleague and friend, is refreshing in film wrought in deceit and corruption. 

While the first half of the film could be described as somewhat slow, dull and predictable in some places, the second half is truly attention grabbing. Without wanting to give any spoilers, it’s safe to say you will not leave the cinema disappointed. McConaughey is incredibly watchable and captivating as the prospector Kenny Wells, especially in the final few scenes where the film’s heavy lifting really takes place.

Like The Wolf of Wall Street, Gold is not ‘easy watching’ because it demands your attention, but it will peak your curiosity and deliver the unexpected.

Gold is already released in cinemas, so check it out while you can and watch the trailer below!

Header Image via Gold: The Movie Facebook.