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The Skulls: High Speed Love Chase @ Henrietta's


The Skulls: High Speed Love Chase @ Henrietta's

Dasha Romanowski

It’s finally the time of year we’ve all been waiting for, and there’s no better way to immerse yourself in all that our city has to offer during Fringe than with some great food, fine wine and music. What’s fantastic is that the esteemed Henry Austin allows you to indulge in all three simultaneously with its Fringe-time alter ego: the daring and riotous, Henrietta's

The Skulls: High Speed Love Chase is a performance unlike any other, where you can kick up your feet and watch a band of musicians dressed in skeletal mariachi costumes perform an uproarious sketch around you as you enjoy your dinner. Presented by four talented Melbournians, The Skulls make use of puppetry, physical comedy and absurdism, while channelling Grand Guignol vibes (a macabre 20th century French theatre known for its use of subversive and amoral subject matter, often resulting in audience members vomiting or fainting). Delicious.

However, I assure you that The Skulls won’t make you spit out your cab sav in horror — rather, the cheeky ghosts present a unique fusion of spooky spaghetti western meets carnivalesque vaudeville, that will have you giggling in delight as you polish off the wine bottle on your table. The quartet explore the subject matter of death in a way that is anything but morbid, rather, celebratory of the topic often painted as taboo.

Highly engaging, very entertaining, more than a bit rowdy and delightfully creepy, The Skulls is an experience you won’t be forgetting any time soon, it's the very embodiment of the raucous brand of cabaret that you can find this Fringe at The Henry Austin. You have to see it to believe it, so get a bit spooky and check it out while you still can.

Where: 29 Chesser St, Adelaide

When: 16th Feb - 19th March