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SOAP Was 'Soapurb' At The Opening Weekend Of The Fringe 2017


SOAP Was 'Soapurb' At The Opening Weekend Of The Fringe 2017

Erin Gear

If there's one show that's an absolute must see at the this year's Fringe Festival, it's SOAP. An interactive and breathtaking spectacle that needs to be seen to be believed. SOAP defies genres and boundaries. Formed by a conglomerate of an opera singer, contortionist, muscle man, comic, juggler, acrobats and dancers; this multi-talented repertoire is fist-clenchingly, jaw-droppingly good.

In accordance with its name, SOAP is performed entirely in and around bathtubs - it is splashtastic, so prepare to get wet. The curious and unconventional staging will immediately grab your attention long before any of the acrobatics start to take place. The cast knocked it out of the park with an elaborate, and befittingly soapy routine to Gnarls Barkley's 'Crazy'.

The series of acts and routines that followed grew in intensity and intrigue. As you sit there open-mouthed you'll catch yourself questioning 'how can this be physically possible!?' The performers' ridiculously enthralling talent will not be the only exciting surprise you encounter - there's much, much more!

Sexy, steamy and scandalous, laugh-out-loud worthy, and beautiful; SOAP has it all. It is a brilliant blend of concert, comedy, cabaret and circus that is captivating in the best kind of way. Be prepared to catch some flies, because your mouth will be wide open in astonishment from the get-go. I can promise that the stage and performers will not be the only things wet by the end of the evening...

SOAP has nearly thirty shows this year, and is being performed at Gluttony in The Peacock tent. If you're having trouble navigating your way through the maze-like venue, The Peacock theatre is located right next to The Satay Hut - which, not surprisingly, does a damn good satay!

Get your tickets for SOAP here now before shows sell out, you won't be sorry. 

Star Rating: 5/5

Header image via SOAP - The Show Facebook