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Fringe: Letters and Numbers Goes Live


Fringe: Letters and Numbers Goes Live

Nick Focareta

Full disclosure: I LOVE Letters and Numbers. I have since it first aired in 2010. Maybe it was all those MENSA books my mum forced on me as an awkward child…

It’s almost dinnertime, you’ve been home from school for a few hours and you’re flicking through the channels trying to stave off the hunger. And then BAM! You stumble upon this bizarre, futuristic looking game show with mind-bending puzzles and a giant ticking clock.

Well Late Night Letters and Numbers is EXACTLY like this. Just a low budget version. Like even for Fringe standards. But that in itself is half the charm.

Replacing the charismatic Richard Morecroft is the even more charismatic Nick Caddaye, in a live and interactive Fringe reboot of the much beloved SBS series. Other fringe performers, touted as 'special guests’ act as the contestants, while dictionary corner is manned by two gentlemen who confessed to having never actually read the dictionary. I won’t even mention Lily’s stand-in…

But for all its eccentricities, the show’s format stays true to its inspiration, allowing those answers you’d normally scream at the TV to finally be heard. (Even if they’re wrong). For Letters and Numbers die hards this is a must. But be warned, if 5 letter words are the best you can muster in the letters round, prepared to be shamed by other audience members.

Late Night Letters and Numbers is showing on Fri 17th & Sat 18th Feb at 9:30 at The Science Exchange. Tickets can be found here.

Header image via Adelaide Fringe