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Review: En Route By Oisin & Malachy


Review: En Route By Oisin & Malachy

Natasha Martin

Picture this: You're sitting at home with the candles alight, a glass of wine in hand, the sky outside is a deep purple fading into a bright orange and you've got the sweet, sweet sound of acoustic guitar echoing in the background. 

Sound pretty good? Well, this is the kind of setting we imagine when listening to the stunning and dream-like music of Oisin & Malachy.

Founded in 2011, the Perth family duo have been such a pleasant and wonderful listening experience to their many fans, and continue to perform and amaze crowds. With vocals that sound like someone has mashed Ed Sheeran and Matt Corby together with heart pumping guitar that reminds us of John Bulter Trio, Oisin & Malachy have definitely blown us away.

Think you've heard of these guys before? If you usually stroll down Rundle Mall and love to listen to all of the wonderful performers, then you've most likely seen them. Malachy often visits Adelaide and performs for the locals with albums for sale. So next time you're making your way down Rundle Mall keep an eye out and grab yourself a copy of their album En Route to add to your CD collection. 

Oisin & Malachy in Rundle Mall

Oisin & Malachy in Rundle Mall

En Route, released in 2015, is an eight track album that is filled with earthy and soulful songs. This is definitely one for all the alternative listeners out there, every song hits with powerful, unique lyrics and acoustics that pull at your heart strings. We just want to fade away into a daydream when listening to this beautiful album and believe that this is one you'll have on repeat for the weeks on end. 

Tracks Include:

  1. Time
  2. Turn of the Sun
  3. Bella (for Daphne)
  4. Heartbeats
  5. Woman (live)
  6. Radiator
  7. Letter
  8. Dammit (Blink-182 cover, is it wrong to say we prefer this version?)

Get ready to fall into your bed, close your eyes and turn En Route up full volume. This is one of those albums that you'll love to listen to no matter what kind of mood you're in, and want to share with all your friends and family. En Route by Oisin & Malachy? More like En Route to our new musical obsession!

Want to see them live right here in Adelaide? Well, you're in luck because they are performing at The Jade on the 24th of February! Save the date and head to the city, bring a friend (or two), grab a drink and get ready to indulge in some funky tunes. Details for the show here.

Keep up to date with all things Oisin & Malachy on their -

Facebook: Oisin and Malachy

Youtube: oisinandmalachy

Instagram: @oisinandmalachy

Want to buy En Route right now? Click here to do just that!


All images via Oisin and Malachy Facebook page.