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Homeware Heaven at Among the Wildflowers


Homeware Heaven at Among the Wildflowers

Catherine Morrissy

Among the Wildflowers know the value of inspiring living spaces. There is no doubt that a visually pleasing space can stir up your imagination, encourage creativity and make your every day routine brighter. Providing an array of beautifully crafted products, ATF encourage the idea of individual style and creating your own retreat to enjoy on a daily basis. Adelaidian Sarah Bradford has created a one stop shop for ethically sourced homewares. We chat with Sarah about starting her own small business and future plans for ATF.

Can you tell us a little about Among the Wildflowers and the products you offer?  

Among the Wildflowers started as a basic creative outlet for me a couple of years ago; I’m always making and experimenting with crafty ideas, which then turned into a hobby and ultimately a business! We have an emphasis on handmade items for the home, many of which I make myself (Macrame weaves, plant hangers, dream-catchers) add a couple of books, candles, cushions, greenery and you’re immersed in the wild and wonderful world of Among the Wildflowers.  

What inspired your passion for home decor? 

I’ve always loved playing around and decorating my personal spaces - I love coming home and feeling completely comfortable, surrounded by beautiful treasures. I completed a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration that has broadened my knowledge when it comes to styling and what works, and not only cemented my love for decorating, but even more so, my love for the items you use to do it. I recently travelled Europe and Morocco for a few months and drew inspiration from everywhere I went – Paris, Amsterdam and Morocco were huge influences on where ATW is now headed and the styles we are embracing. 

What motivated you to create Among the Wildflowers?  

I am a big believer in giving yourself creative freedom and stepping out of the ‘norm’ to do what ultimately satisfies you. ATW is an outlet for me to embrace my creativity, push my boundaries and hopefully inspire others to do the same. I have a vision that I am constantly working on and aiming for and that keeps me on my toes and excited. It has always been a dream to own my own business, for now it is solely online with the exception of a few markets here and there. In the future, I hope to see a shopfront, a workshop space and a community of 'makers' contributing and playing along with me! 

What have been the most rewarding and challenging aspects of starting your own small business?

Every day is filled with rewards and challenges when you’re starting up your own business! My biggest challenge so far has been more of a personal challenge - facing the market for me, can be quite difficult. I’m not just selling a paintbrush or something, I’m selling my own work that I have made with my own hands and heart – it’s like offering myself to the world. This can bring on a feeling of doubt and lack of confidence. I am pushing myself to learn, strive and push through that doubt every day. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a bunch of really great and inspiring people in different aspects of life, who help me find my feet when this happens! I am learning that a successful business takes time. I am 2 years in and still nowhere near where I’d like Among the Wildflowers to be, but I guess that is what keeps it going and growing, and when this stops I believe that’s when the real challenge starts! I am grateful for every rise and fall. Freedom to experiment with new ideas and try new skills, and the inspiration and happiness my work gives me is the most rewarding thing.

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