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Calling All Greasers: Sellicks Beach Vintage Motorcycle Race Returns After Sixty Years


Calling All Greasers: Sellicks Beach Vintage Motorcycle Race Returns After Sixty Years

Paul Maland


For the first time in almost sixty years, the Levis Motorcycle Club have been granted to permission to hold their historic vintage motorcycle race once again in Sellicks Beach this month. 

Established in 1922, the Levis Motorcycle Club helped kick-start an exciting period of speed trials and racing by harnessing the growing community of motorcycle riders gathering at the then remote surrounds of Sellicks Beach and Silver Sands. Sellicks Beach was host to a range of racing since the early nineteen hundreds, before evolving into an annual Speed Trial event held over the Australia Day weekend.

The Speed Trials initially welcomed anyone in any form of vehicle, to try and break records and throw caution to the wind while flying fast over the pebble beaches south of Adelaide. Our grandparents, and even great grandparents, brought their bikes, which back then served as daily transport for the family, stripped them down, raced all weekend, then put them back together again. Those with a bit more money brought their bikes along in their side-cars. 


With some time off during the second world-war, the club ran the Speed Trial event at Sellicks Beach through to 1957. Apart from re-enactments in 1986 and 1992, there has been no competitive racing at Sellicks in almost 60 years.

"Much has changed in those 60 years and while we can't simply throw the swag down on the beach, we will be holding a two-day event with around 120 historic bikes entered." says the Sellicks Beach Race. 

"There is a great field of motorcycles ranging from a 1924 Douglas through to several 1962 Nortons, as well as names that include Indian, Levis, Harley, BSA, James, DKW, and OEC just to name a few of the marques that will be racing on Sellicks Beach once more." 


"You can expect plenty of action. As Trevor Attwell, one of our 80-year-old racers, put it 'I am not here to make up the numbers,'" they said. 

"You will not see anything like this anywhere else. 120 Vintage and Veteran motorcycles and riders racing full bore on the beach. When the helmets are on and the bikes are at the start line, the age of the bike and rider will mean nothing... the race to the flag will be on, and it will be fierce. "

The Levis Motorcycle Club, as it is known today, is the oldest affiliated club in South Australia. 

For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit the Sellicks Beach Race official website, or the Levis Motorcycle Club

WHERE: Sellicks Beach

WHEN: 18 and 19 February 2017

WHY: Vintage Motorycle Speed Trial, the first in sixty years!

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