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Venice Queens Take Us To Tijuana


Venice Queens Take Us To Tijuana

Caitlin Tait

Witnessing a street performance of Oasis’s Don’t Look Back In Anger and having the crowd begin a singalong in the wake of the terror attacks in London is what Venice Queens frontman Sam Little points his finger at when it comes to the inspiration of the band’s latest single.

Tijuana is an ode to Lucy (whoever, or whatever, she may be), summer, and love. A bit lighter than their first single The Strut, this will be your tune of choice with a tinny in hand.

The comparison to Sticky Fingers is too simple. Venice Queens bring something grittier, more magic, and effortlessly cool to the table that is hard to explain. But I can guarantee you’ll dig it.

With guitar riffs straight from the heavens and the whole band singing, you’ll be dreaming of driving to Hahndorf and waves crashing at a beach down south while eating a pasty from Port Elliott Bakery. Or sitting at the end of a jetty with ice cream running down your hand at sunset. Tijuana reminds you of everything gorgeous about South Australia. The hills, the arts, the booze… and the people.

Sam’s vocals show diversity, with delicious melodies and shouts that meld perfectly with the grooving bassline, as well as the guitar solo that is impossible to stay still for. Enter: dad dancing.

So what’s their mental image when they play the song?

"Deffs just being around your friends, having a great time. More specifically it’s us on a beach, having beers, just enjoying each other’s company, having the time of our lives without a care in the world," says guitarist Mark Troncone.

You may as well start spinning your song of summer now. You might even end up sitting between a couple of the guys. #starstruck

Venice Queens


You don’t have to go to Mexico for a good time.

You can come to West Oak Hotel this Saturday to celebrate Tijuana’s birth into the world with these men.


What: Venice Queens: Tijuana Single Launch

Where: West Oak Hotel

When: Saturday, 9th of December, 8pm onwards.


All images via Venice Queens's Facebook page.