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Dive Into 'Wet Sounds' At Fringe 2018


Dive Into 'Wet Sounds' At Fringe 2018

Ellie Stamelos

For an immersive, utterly unique underwater experience, look no further than the SA premiere of Wet Sounds at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe. For audience members, the ability to swim is crucial; the performance is held in a swimming pool, where you’ll be able to experience a transformative sound experience like no other.

Sound travels four times faster through water than air – thus, beneath the pool’s surface, the listening experience is completely transformed compared to sound above water. Underneath the water’s surface, sound becomes incredibly crisp and detailed, heard by the inner ear and felt by the entire body. At Wet Sounds, there are speakers both above and below water, so you’ll be able to both float above the surface and dive below, experiencing two completely different worlds of sound. Music for the event has been composed by Wet Sounds’ founder Joel Cahen, an audio-visual artist and organiser of experimental art events such as this.

This isn’t just an experience for your ears; scuba performers will take to the pool floor to deliver surreal scenes and provide interactive entertainment for audience members. These incredible underwater performances are curated by Rosie Sheba, a master free-diver, scuba instructor and lover of all things aquatic.

No two experiences of Wet Sounds are the same, but you’re guaranteed to enter a fantastical realm where you’ll experience a gravity-free performance that truly is like no other.

Swimwear is compulsory for attendees, and googles are recommended to get the most out of the experience.

What: Wet Sounds at the Adelaide Fringe

When: 1st – 18th March 2018, on every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Where: Adelaide Aquatic Centre, Jeffcott Road

Header image via Wet Sounds at Adelaide Fringe Facebook page.