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Premiere: The Oh Balters Unveil Brilliant Single 'Why Don't You Save Me Now?'


Premiere: The Oh Balters Unveil Brilliant Single 'Why Don't You Save Me Now?'

Jason Katsaras

Anyone familiar with The Oh Balters is a fan, as far as we know. Their catchy heartfelt classic indie rock hits the spot every time, something we saw earlier this year when they released 'Maniac'. The boys have done it again with a new single from their forthcoming EP (coming before the end of the year) of the same name 'Why Don't You Save Me Now?'.


Now based in Melbourne these four flourished in Adelaide, and boast a near cult following of mates and fans who adore their music. Their sound is reminiscent of so much, perhaps The Beatles or a number of Australian folk-rock icons, you decide. Regardless, their sound is timeless and endlessly enjoyable, dare we say wholesome?

"We worked together a lot, and everyone had their own parts, and ideas in the song that they could be proud of, and that’s probably because of its simple bones. I think everybody realised that there was space for everyone in the song, and that they could fill it with whatever they like. Even people outside the band heard it and added their own bits, which we included when it came to recording."
- Bert O' Loughlin

As Bert described, 'Why don't You Save Me Now?' was clearly brought about from a communal songwriting experience, a quality that shines through in the recording. Recorded and mixed by Errol Green at Bakehouse studios, the layers of instruments and cheerful notes comes together to form a brilliantly playful tune. The ocker vocals of Charlie Lange sit perfectly atop these parts. Honestly this is worthy of many listens, do yourself a favour and do so. We have word that the group may be heading to Adelaide in the New Year so keep your dancing boots handy and your ear to their Facebook here.

Listen to the new single on Spotify here!

- all images courtesy of The Oh Balters