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Review: Kingswood @ Fat Controller


Review: Kingswood @ Fat Controller

Harrison Schultz

It’s undoubtable Kingswood are a highlight of the current Australian music scene. Having proved their abilities in the recording studios with several albums, an absolute ripper of a Like a Version on Triple J, and, according to a few rumours, put on a brilliant live show. Of course, believing the rumours is one option but the best option to see just how good they are? Heading along to the sold-out show in the Fat Controller’s basement.

Supported by The Vanns and Dear Seattle (just signed with James Tidswell’s record label, Domestic La La alongside Radelaidian boys West Thebarton), the night was always destined for sweet tunes and good times. Before the show could even begin we hit a hurdle, an accidental greeting to… Brisbane. Boo’s ensued and now Kingswood really had a need to prove themselves.

Whilst Kingswood actually consist of three main men, Fergus Lincare, Alexander Laska and Justin Debrincat; this show/tour saw the band nearly triple in size with at least 8 musicians up on stage. Having those extra members one might think would surely crowd the relatively small stage and have a negative effect on stage presence but it worked, and it worked well. From astounding backing vocals to bass guitar and even a saxophone solo, Kingswood literally had fans hanging from the roof. It was safe to say that little greeting muck up was long forgotten.

In the mess of all the excitement one unlucky (or was he lucky?) had the misfortune of losing a shoe to the stage and the only way he could claim it? Yep, a shoey on stage before stage diving back into the crowd.

Finally, as the show started to round out after 90 minutes of show time, we were left with two absolute rippers, playing their Like a Version cover of Say My Name (Destiny’s Child) and then Creepin. Overall, it’s safe to say Kingswood truly lived up to the hype and now the only question is, given a bigger stage and a festival, what sort of crazy s**t could these guys pull?

One last note, serious props to Dear Seattle who are punching well above their weight, these boys are definitely on our list of ones to watch in 2018!