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A Chit-Chat with Polish Club


A Chit-Chat with Polish Club

Natasha Martin

We recently got the chance to have a chat with drummer JH (John-Henry) from Sydney band, Polish Club. We were able to talk about their upcoming tour that blasts off on the 24th of November and finishes in December to support the release their new EP Okie Dokie. 


Hey, how are you?

I’m good, thank you!

You’re hitting up Adelaide on the 15th of December for your Christmas tour, can we expect you guys decked up in jazzy Christmas gear?

Haven’t organised it yet, but I was thinking about it. I was thinking about how we could. I wanted to get David to wear all red denim, yeah I don’t know [laughs] potentially. I don’t think we will be like, in Santa hats and Santa suits but just some sort of Christmas-y things.

Yeah, it would be cool to see the stage decked out with tinsel and stuff, that’d be pretty cool.

Yeah, might get a Christmas tree up there maybe. Get the tree up there and smash it at the end, or something like that [laughs].

Do you guys like it here in Adelaide?

Yeah it’s cool I like it, we seem to come a lot. I actually know a lot from people, they don’t live in Adelaide, but they always go on about how cool it is. There are some really creative people from Adelaide.

Oh wow, that’s a wicked comment. Is there ever been a time where you’ve been to a city or a town, and the crowd has just gotten so crazy that you’ve just had to stop and think “Holy shit, I’m living the dream”?

[Laughs], Um I think it’s just that when people turn up at all really, they don’t even have to go crazy. I’m just surprised that people would want to even come. But yeah, it’s always awesome to see people go crowd-surfing during the songs and stuff.

It’s like an outer body experience seeing that kind of stuff, isn’t it?

It is kind of weird, it’s weird like playing on stage because you’re going really hard and it’s all kind of like a blur, just this big adrenaline rush. Like everything, either side of being inside of a band is a pain in the ass, but that hour makes up for it all [laughs].

Have you always wanted to be a musician?

It’s always just been a hobby of mine, still kind of is a hobby. I’ve got a day job and everything, but I think it’s an awesome hobby that could potentially become a career depending on how it goes. Dave and I do it because we love playing, not because we want to make cash out of it. I think Dave [Novak] is trying a bit harder to create a career out of it by doing songwriting with people and stuff like that.

Pictured: David Novak, guitarist and lead vocals of Polish Club

Pictured: David Novak, guitarist and lead vocals of Polish Club

Your new EP, Okie Dokie, recently came out. What drew you guys to that title?

It kind of fit all round really, it sums up the process of making it, like oh yeah we should make another EP before the end of the year and we’re like alright yeah.

Yeah cool, okie dokie, get it out there.

[Laughs] Yeah there’s no real like deep meaning to it, we just liked how it sounds.

What differences can listeners get from Okie Dokie and Alright, Already?

We recorded them in different studios but with the same producer, we actually recorded bass on the album, over-dubbed bass, because we don’t play the bass live. But with Okie Dokie we didn’t record bass at all, it’s all just guitar and drums. The studio we recorded in had really big, high ceilings so you get more bottom end from the kick drum, so you don’t really need to record bass to it, which is pretty cool. It’s more of a live sound.

What’s your favourite song to play live?

From the new EP, we haven’t actually played much from it. We’ve only played some of the songs once since we’ve made it. But they’re all pretty fun actually, I like playing track two which is called ‘Major’, it’s kind of like a slow song, which is fun for me. Usually, our songs are really fast and it gets exhausting playing drums really fast, kind of why I like playing that song.

I saw you guys play [March] at the Rocket Bar, and that was absolutely amazing.

Yeah, that was ages ago, like six months! I love Rocket Bar, it’s pretty cool. It’s got this upstairs part, and they’ve got a new backstage area which is really cool as well, little chill out area which wasn’t there the first time we played there and a fridge full of bloody West End, which is probably the worst thing about Adelaide, to be honest, it’s an awful beer [laughs].

You recently dropped your music video for ‘Gimme Money’, and I did a little research and you guys said that you like to build your music videos around visual style rather than narratives. Is that something you want to continue to do or maybe one-day make a narrative based video?

Well yeah, the video for the song Divided’ kind of had a narrative to it but it was pretty subtle. I just like that they don’t have narratives usually, cause I don’t think it’s long enough to tell a story properly and also, how do you tell a story with no people speaking, it’s kind of tough. I always gravitate towards more visual ideas, I guess. Although this last video was kinda like a last minute, cheap solution because we don’t have any money and we spent money on our last one [music video], so we were like might as well use it again.

Well, it’s definitely one of my new favourite videos you’ve released.

[Laughs] It’s because it’s all of them rolled into one!

It’s creative, love the use of re-using them. So, is there any small bands you’re listening to that you want to suggest to the Radelaide readers?

Well, we are actually touring with a really cool Adelaide band, West Thebarton, which we love. We saw them last time we were down there, they’re fucking so cool. Novak is half Filipino and there are a few Filipino dudes in the band, so they bond over having Filipino mums. We had to get some new support bands for a gig in Canberra, we found a band called Press Club, which are really cool, and Pist Idiots which are super cool as well.

Pictured: JH, drummer of polish club

Pictured: JH, drummer of polish club

Cool cool, speaking of artists, if you could create your very own festival, what would your dream line up be?

Um, I’d put us on it because we never get festivals for some reason, we just get overlooked [laughs], as wank-y as that is, that’s probably the only way I’m gonna get to play a big festival if I could make my own. But yeah, I like Radiohead and I’d get Metallica out here. Yeah, Radiohead, Metallica and us, that’d be enough.

Just three, that's solid. Are you in the works of making new music at the moment?

Yeah, going to start writing again in January after the tour. Going to try and get another release next year, keep the ball rolling. Want to try and release something every year, I reckon.

Wicked. So, I have one more question and it’s the most important one. If you had to choose between The Simpsons and Family Guy, which would you pick?

Oh Simpsons every time! Family Guy is shit house compared to the Simpsons. I grew up with The Simpsons though, I don’t watch it much anymore but it was the best back in the day!

Best answer! Thank you for having a chat with me today!

Thanks for having me.

You can see Polish Club play at the Uni Bar on the 15th of December, so make sure to grab yourself a ticket and while you're at it, buy yourself a copy of Okie Dokie why don't ya?