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Chatting With Fleur Green and The Keepers!


Chatting With Fleur Green and The Keepers!

Harrison Schultz

Alt-pop group Fleur Green and The Keepers have been hard at work in recent times, putting together the album When The Tide Rushes In. The first single from the album Nadia is a uniquely dark yet curiously light piece which we think is pretty special! Have a listen below before jumping into the interview!

We’ve heard that you’re a multi-instrumentalist and that’s pretty awesome! But the question needs to be asked, which (instrument) was the most fun and which was the most difficult?

All instruments are fun! Some demand a slower burn like the violin, percussion offers moments of instant gratification, piano is a great workhorse for writing, but like any relationship: time, patience, discipline, daily connection and love.

What drives your musical creativity?

I have to do it to express myself in a palatable and socially acceptable format, that I hope people can relate to and enjoy as a side effect… If I didn’t have musical creativity as an outlet, I would likely be a lot nuttier and difficult to deal with.  Singing, playing, writing and creating things makes me happy and is active meditation for me.  It’s challenging and so much fun, I never feel lonely when I am practicing and it has brought me many amazing collaborative experiences, friendships and mentors over the years.

This album you’re about to release, how long has it been in the works for?

I started writing songs at 15, then took a LONG break to study classical contemporary percussion.  I took it up again tentatively four years ago, built more confidence over time/practice and now things are much more in flow.

Where did the inspiration/s for it originate?

A need to express and find my own voice and muse on my condition, human behaviour, family, poetry (some from the Rubiyaat of Omar Kayaam), living for the moment, love, grief and human connectivity.

If you could perform the album in full at any venue around Australia, where would you choose?

I would LOVE to play in old theatres. I adore them. Her Majesty’s (Adelaide), Ulumbarra Theatre (Bendigo) – a beautiful old converted prison, The Theatre Royal (Hobart) – with individual cast iron seat warmers and a ghost called Fred.

When you find yourself having a creative block (writers block, etc) how do try to work around that? (What helps you to get passed it?)

I drink “Writers Tears” Whiskey when I block on occasion, as it was purportedly drunk by Dylan Thomas to cure writers block and a tipple every now and then can liven the language libido.

There are pretty strong ties between music and mental health as seen across a variety of artists music, including your own. How does music play a part in your life regarding mental health?

I think you’d be hard pressed to find an artist who doesn’t suffer from mental health issues, or in fact, a single person on the planet who doesn’t have mental health to manage and I’m glad that we have made some progress in opening the lines of discussion about it! Saying that though, I have had a condition for a number of years that I have managed ‘phoenix style’ through the use of treatment, but mostly music and creativity as my friend.

 Fleur Green and The Keepers When The Tide Rushes In Album Launch
 8:30pm Saturday, November 4th @ Grace Emily Hotel

Keep an eye on Fleur Green and The Keepers Facebook page for plenty more to come!