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The Colourful and Vivacious Art of Cassie Zaccardo


The Colourful and Vivacious Art of Cassie Zaccardo

Ellie Stamelos

The work of local artist Cassie Zaccardo is bursting with life and colour. For Cassie, art has always been a passion; she says, “I have been creating art for as long as I can remember.” As a child, Cassie “loved drawing cartoons and characters”. As she got older, her passion for art developed alongside her techniques. She says, “As I got older I experimented with charcoal, pastels and paints”.

After studying art in high school, Cassie’s formal art education ended. She instead opted to become self-taught by “playing around / experimenting with different mediums and techniques”. Cassie cites social media as an invaluable learning tool – “we are lucky that we are exposed to so many amazing artists on social media who are willing to share their work and techniques”.  

Cassie Zaccardo art

Cassie primarily uses acrylics on canvas to create her pieces. She has also recently begun to introduce watercolours to her acrylic portraits – Cassie states that this is to “add more depth and create a point of interest. I am so drawn to watercolours as I feel they can evoke more emotion than what acrylics can.” Cassie creates both stunning realistic portraits and vivid abstract art, for which she employs pouring techniques using “different flow mediums and enamels”.

The artworks themselves develop as Cassie creates them; “I may start off with an idea…but quite often it will turn into something very different as I build up the layers or change between acrylics and watercolours. I find it exciting to turn what might be a simple picture of a girl, into something completely unique with bright colours and depth.” Creating the pieces allows Cassie to “recharge and take some time out for myself” – she listens to music as she works, stating “I find the whole process relaxing”.

Cassie ensures each piece reflects her individual style and that she’s “completely happy” with each finished product. Clearly dedicated to the quality of her works, Cassie states that this attitude allows her to “spend time working on pieces that I am truly passionate about…I never want to lose sight of creating pieces that represent me and allow me to express my creativity.”

Cassie Zaccardo

One of the main highlights of Cassie’s career so far was her first solo exhibition, at The Colour Wheel in Mt. Gambier. She says it was an occasion she’ll always remember - “It was so amazing to have all of my friends and family in the one room supporting me in what I love to do.”

2017 has also been a major highlight for Cassie, as she’s dedicated herself to growing her art business. Cassie’s whirlwind year has included creating prints of her artwork, participation in many local markets, a recent exhibition for “Raw Artists” at The Producers Bar and having her artwork stocked in Ebenezer Place’s Relove.

In future, Cassie hopes to “create a new collection of portraits on canvas and have a solo exhibition in Adelaide”. She also will continue to grow her business while continuing to create pieces that are “beautiful and inspiring.”

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All images supplied by Cassie Zaccardo.