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Ball Park Music Are Coming Down To Adelaide!


Ball Park Music Are Coming Down To Adelaide!

Natasha Martin

It's official, the legendary Brisbane band, Ball Park Music, have announced a stunning new tour, titled after their brand new single 'Exactly How You Are'. Members Sam Cromack, Jennifer Boyce, Paul Furness, Daniel Hanson and Dean Hanson are the wonderful bunch that makes up BPM and give audiences a crackin' of a time, they've been teasing fans in the past couple of months by saying all over their social media "You won't f*cking believe what's coming!!" and oh boy fans really didn't expect such fantastic news!

They were hiding for a little while stewing away at the new album of theirs, but during that time they had been planning so much more! Earlier this year the band released their very own brew, titled 'Sad Rad Future Brew' and if you're as crazy about this band as we are, this is one pun you would appreciate.

Pictured: The band and their Sad Rad Future Brew

Pictured: The band and their Sad Rad Future Brew

Not long after the single 'Exactly How You Are' was dropped and the hype cannot be put into words! If you want to have a listen to the rad tune, check it out below!

BPM will be coming downto Adelaide on the 1st of March next year to play at The Gov with special guests ALI BARTER and Hatchie, so make sure to grab yourself some tickets before they sell out! It's gonna be a blast.


*Hopefully you all got the pun.