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Who The Bloody Hell Are The Venice Queens?


Who The Bloody Hell Are The Venice Queens?

Harrison Schultz

If you’re an avid local music fan you might’ve noticed a new band page pop up on Facebook a few weeks ago, going by the name of the Venice Queens. So far, they haven’t dropped any music yet but have already started to collect a few followers. If we’re honest, they seemed pretty mysterious. When the chance came up for a chat over a few beers, curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t say no!

Who are you guys and how did this get started?

Sam: I’m Sam, the front man. I’ve played in a few bands before. Just kinda decided that I really wanna do music because I love it, there’s nothing else I really wanna do than sing, be on stage and make a dick of myself... and yeah, we’re the Venice Queens.

Jay: I’m the talent.

Corn: [who] ALSO talks a lot of shit (laughs). 

Jay: Nah, I’m the bass player, I’ve been playing with Anthony for a fair bit. [It started with] one of the bands we used to play in - I literally picked up the bass to be in the band and its just grown to be a passion of mine I guess, now we’re doing this! 

Corn: I’m the glue.

Sam: You’re the germ!

Corn: Nah, I’m Anthony but everyone calls me Corn for as long as I can remember! I’ve played in other bands with Sam, Jay and the other lads who’re in the band as well, Mark (Guitarist) and Mossy (Drummer), but yeah, I’m the guitarist. Jay and I were in India a few months ago, backpacking. We were talking about music, bands and where we want to go with it, and then had this idea of taking all these guys we’ve played with in the past and creating something. When Jay and I got back, we all had a jam and ended up writing about four songs in that first jam, it came out real quick!

Is there a specific style each of you guys are looking to bring to the stage?

Corn: Well everyone’s got different flavours I suppose, I think that’s why it works so well!

Sam: We haven’t tried to find a sound yet really, we pretty much just pumped out as much music as we possibly can. We’re still trying to find our sound at the moment but we don’t really care if it’s a collective. We all have such diverse taste, if we like what we’re putting out hopefully others will too.

Jay: Yeah, nah, we’re a bit of a fruit salad (laughs), dunno what our set list will be like, all up and down I guess!

Corn: Yeah, you’ve got Jay and I who’re avid ‘Chilli Peppers fans, then you’ve got Mossy whose favourite band is Dream Theatre, and then Mark who’s all about RnB. But Sam likes shit music.


Sam: I just think, why bother trying to be like other bands? We wanna do things differently because we’re all pretty individual!

Jumping to a few other important things whilst we’re here, what are your favourite beers?

Sam: Young Henrys – Newtowner

Corn: James Squire – Golden Ale

Jay: Little Creatures? Nah, it’s probably just West End to be honest!

Favourite Adelaide Hangouts?

Unanimous: Supermild!

Favourite live music venue?

Jay:  The Gov.

Corn: I really like Jive.

Sam: Yeah, Jives pretty cool, but I’d have to say The Gov as well. You know what I fucking miss though!? Uni Bar. Uni Bar was so grimey, dirty and awful, and it was the best thing.

Top Australian bands?

Jay: Acca Dacca (laughs), nah uhhh, Rat Ta’Mango! They played at Beach Burrito the other night, it was unreal.

Sam: Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of DZ Deathrays.

Corn: Yeah, I’d second Rat Ta’Mango.

I guess we should tell the people, you guys have actually just released a single, what can you tell us about it?

Sam: It’s called The Strut and it’s based on a night at Supermild! We wanted it to be a little grimey and steezy.

Corn: It sounds fucking evil but in a good way.

Jay: It’s been in the works for a while and we just thought it had a few strengths, and now, here it is.

That single? We've got it right here and it's pretty goddamn hot, have a suss below!

Well guys it’s great meeting you all, cheers to the future of the Venice Queens!

Make sure you keep your ears and eyes open because the Venice Queens will be hitting up shows all around Adelaide over the next few months. Their first show is on the 21st of October at The Ed.

We also heard rumours that the boys might be throwing a cover or two into their sets... if their single is anything to go by we reckon they’ll be pretty damn good!

Go and give their Facebook some lovin’ here.

The Strut was produced and recorded by Reid Jones.

All images supplied by Venice Queens.