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The Montreals EP Launch @ Fats in February - Get Keen!


The Montreals EP Launch @ Fats in February - Get Keen!

Erin Gear

The Montreals, consisting of Angus Crawford and Stefan Athanasov on vocals and guitar, Lachlan Billows on bass guitar and Graham Cochran on drums, have taken the local music scene by storm this past year. The band formed in late 2015 and has already amassed over 40,000 Spotify listeners, supported some Triple-J favourites such as Andy Bull and Last Dinosaurs; and landed an interstate tour alongside The Byzantines to kick off 2017.

Image via The Montreals Facebook.

Image via The Montreals Facebook.

The sleek Aussie Indie-Rockers have a fresh and simplistic, yet distinctly jazzy Brit-rock sound hailing the likes of Foals, The Strokes and Two Door Cinema Club. The Montreals will be debuting their EP 'Indigo Club’ at Fat Controller on the 10th February which offers an upbeat self-fashioned flirtation with incredibly well-textured brooding vocals and melodies. The Montreals have mastered the meaningful Indie dance-anthem, and are sure to see success in the coming years because of it. 

Stefan tells us about the inspiration behind the Indigo Club EP:

"A lot of what we write about is merely a reflection of where we are as people, in essence the rambling instability of our early twenties. Whether that’s experiencing your first share house, living pay-check to pay-check due to rent and booze implications or whatever. We want to create a soundtrack for that lifestyle." 

Image via The Montreals Facebook.

Image via The Montreals Facebook.

To see The Montreals, one of Adelaide's most promising up-and-coming bands, head to Fat Controller for an All You Can Eat 'Rage' on the 10th February for their EP launch. Special guests will include Zen Panda, Winter Gypsy and Chiara La Woo

Get your cheap pre-sale tickets quick, mark the 10th on your calendar and check out the gig here.

Give their Indigo Club single a listen below to get yourself pumped for the 10th! 

Header image via The Montreals Facebook.