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Royal Croquet Club 2017 @ The Riverbank


Royal Croquet Club 2017 @ The Riverbank

Emma Ferraro

As The Fringe draws closer, there's one venue that's on everyone's mind: The Royal Croquet Club. After launching in 2014, the RCC has had thousands of dedicated Fringe-goers visit its fabulous Victoria Square location. Unsurprisingly, this year the RCC gets bigger and badder.

The team behind the venue, The Social Creative, have spent the year introducing Adelaide to other unique venues, including The Alpine Winter Village, The Good Fortune Markets, and the latest incarnation of the original Crab Shack (routinely rechristened To Little Miss Mexico, Miami, Dive Shop), Superfish. 

With these creative endeavours that are inspired by a variety of themes, The Social Creative have become well-versed in concocting unforgettable experiences for the wider community. From winter wonderlands, to celebrations of Asian culture and nautical themed bars, The Social Creative now takes their earliest brainchild, The RCC, to new heights. How? By giving it a brand-new location: The Riverbank. The new venue will be hosted at Pinky Flat/River Torrens, close to Elder Park. 

Likewise, the new venue is conveniently located near Rundle Mall, The West End, and The East End, which will give an explosion of business to nearby venues. Dinner on Peel St, then to The RCC for a show and live music? Yes please. 

Highlighting the site's riverside views, the venue promises over 40 world class shows, six performance spaces, a star-studded musical line up, as well as themed bars and food from Adelaide's best restaurants. Quite honestly: get keen. 


Here are some RCC picks we're looking forward to:

(Photos in order of shows.)

#FirstWorldWhiteGirls: Botox Party - I'll admit, I'm biased. I saw this cabaret/comedy last year, and assumed it would be a basic mockery of "first world/white people problems." You know, "oh, I have to use my mobile data instead of free wi-fi" and "my glass of wine isn't chilled enough." Instead emerged a witty satire on "first world/white people problems", with hilariously blunt emphasis on white privilege, and the disillusionment towards the lifestyle we in the first world have become so habitually accustomed to. This year's politically incorrect cabaret includes #firstworldproblems, such quinoa enemas, designer dogs, accidental sexting and "The Refugee Diet."

Driftwood: Casus Circus presents "Driftwood": an exploration about how, as we drift through life, we are shaped by the people we encounter, and how these people help determine the person we become. Driftwood is described as a 'turbulent concoction of pure joy and intimacy', bringing a blank canvas to life and revealing our innate need for human contact. 

Little Death Club: Last year, I saw Jennifer Byrne, in her show, Yeti's Demon Dive Bar (with co-star Victoria Falconer-Pritchard) at The Fringe. It was one of the most unusually entertaining shows I've ever seen: the quirk and wit was irreplaceable. Seasoned professionals, the ladies are best known for their ongoing performance with the EastEnd Cabaret, where they transform into Bernadatte Byrne and Victor Victoria: gin lovers and purveyors of risque song. This Fringe, 'Bernie', (a self-proclaimed cross between Lady Gaga, Marlene Dietrich, and Noel Fielding in sequins), brings her raunchily inappropriate cabaret show to this year's Fringe. 

Slumber: Circus. Dance. Blood: Hideway Circus introduces "Slumber": a horror performance of circus, dance, and physical theatre. Set in a nightclub and underscored by electro-pop, Slumber follows the night of a squad of elite circus performers and dancers on the last night of their lives. Yep - the the group of girls gets killed off one-by-one. Who lives? Who dies? It's up to you.

Trent Baumann: There Is No "I" In "Fail" - Trent Baumann brings his anti-motivational comedy to The RCC, teaching audiences that the secret to happiness is to simply lower your expectations. 

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit: With no rehearsals, no director, a different actor each night, and a script waiting inside a sealed envelope, internationally acclaimed White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, is an audacious theatrical experiment that is a potent reminder of the transformative power, and unpredictable nature of theatre. Will you participate? Will you be manipulated? Will you listen? Will you really listen?

The RCC are celebrating with their opening weekend Feb 16th to Feb 20th.  


Tickets available at: FringeTix.

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Photos via RCC Facebook pages/website.