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This is Radelaide's Tips For Leaving The Nest


This is Radelaide's Tips For Leaving The Nest

Alexia Frangos

New year means new beginnings; for most uni students and 20-somethings that means moving out of the family home and into a humble abode of your own. It also means the terrifying reality of paying your own way, eating at home more often, having to do the laundry, AND refilling the toilet roll... but don't be put off by the thing adults call 'responsibility' cause we got you - here's some handy tips we independents came up with so you don't make the same mistakes we did.

Your first week via

Your first week via


Try and make sure you've got all the small things typically lying around the house that you take for granted when living at home like gardening supplies, first aid kit, screwdrivers, bug spray and laundry stuff - to save yourself fifty trips to Coles when something comes up. If you're share-housing, make a Facebook group-chat for house issues that might come up that don't warrant face-to-face 'house meetings'. Just try not to turn into the share-house police.


Make time to see your parents and remember to buy fruit and vegetables instead of spending all your money on tequila and wine (when I first moved out we did tequila shots every night for like a week).


Be prepared to share stuff with your housemates. If they run out of something, don't be the dick who doesn't let them use yours and then return the favour. Also, save money each week for bills. I've been caught too many times thinking I have savings then saying bye to it all after 3 bills come in at the same time.


I share with two other people and we put a little extra toward our share of rent to go on our house card where anyone can buy communal things like toilet paper, hand soap, etc. If you work multiple days in a row, meal prep for the week or fortnight and cook in bulk. Realise how much you'll actually eat. For example, a six pack of chicken breast from Coles - freeze half, the three can last you several meals for the week. Use the frozen half at a later date!


Get to know who you're living with if you're sharing - make personal jokes, find out their likes/dislikes, and do chores together as it makes for great bonding time. Also let them have their privacy, whether that means a few extra minutes in the bathroom or giving them space when their S/O comes over - the favour will be returned back to you.


My partner and I are looking at moving out this year, we're just trying to save, gather little useful household objects to take with us (like pots and pans and cutlery and laundry stuff etc.). I'm also trying to learn to cook more so that when I move I don't spend all my 💲💲on brunch which is what happens currently!


The best piece of advice I got was from my Mum: if you're moving into a share house, make sure you're comfortable with the people you're moving in with. Obviously, you can't gauge entirely what someone is like to live with, but ask yourself "Do I feel comfortable sleeping in the same house as this person/these people?" I found that really helpful.


Don't do it.

...cheers Harrison, real helpful.


Anyway moving on (get it) we hope this eases the pain of moving into your new crib. Yes, there are bills to pay and groceries to buy, but don't forget to have fun cause you can do whatever the hell you damn want. 


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