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All That Glitters Is Gold: Stunning Creations By Sophia Georgiadis


All That Glitters Is Gold: Stunning Creations By Sophia Georgiadis

Ellie Stamelos

The artwork of Sophia Georgiadis is personal, intricate and undeniably eye-catching. Having already established a place for herself within the community and steadily gaining momentum, this girl shows no sign of slowing down in 2017.

Having been drawn to art her whole life, Sophia explains that in recent years she’s expanded her passion into a profession. Sophia started selling one-off pieces in 2014, and her sales have taken off since - “it’s a frequent, week-to-week thing now.” Often Sophia’s customers will approach her wanting a portrait, a unique gift for a loved one or even a tattoo design, and she’ll make it a reality.

“Being able to make something come to life and letting it inspire others is what keeps me going,” she says. Each piece of Sophia’s is unique – she explains that for her, originality is an important principle. “I want to focus on the original pieces,” explaining that replications or prints of art aren’t for her and that the art should be experienced “by each individual differently.”

  One off pieces by Sophia

One off pieces by Sophia

Sophia’s studies at the Adelaide Central School of Art allowed her to further develop her distinctive style and experiment with various mediums and techniques.  She admits she dedicates a lot of her time to drawing – “only because I have the control and I don’t have to wait for paint to dry!” she laughs. “Then again, when I have the time to paint and finally finish a product, it’s the best feeling.”

Sophia’s art combines many philosophies and beliefs that resonate with her. She explains that as soon as inspiration strikes, “I’ll try to get straight into it and carve out what I see. Sometimes it can work, other times it doesn’t, which is fine.”

Most recently, Sophia’s art has been focused on the intuition, power and intrinsic beauty of women. Her distinctive use of gold leaf within portraits of women helps her to celebrate the beauty of imperfections - “it’s really symbolic. That material is so unique and it’s so beautiful. Sometimes it may not fold the way you want it to fold, it may not fit the way you want it to fit, but it still ends up being amazing.”

  Sophia's striking use of gold leaf in her works allows her to embrace the beauty of imperfection.

Sophia's striking use of gold leaf in her works allows her to embrace the beauty of imperfection.

Sophia says her portraits are representative of feminine empowerment. “It’s not so much that I’m finding a beautiful woman to portray a woman, I’m finding a woman to portray the beauty that’s inside of them anyway. My belief is that we all have that, and if you can find it in my artwork you can find it in yourself. I think because that’s the belief behind my artwork, that’s why I get a lot of the positive responses that I get.”

Sophia has big visions for the future of her art. In 2017 she’s striving to expand her art business, The Tenth Muse. The name draws inspiration from Greek mythology - she explains that in Greek mythology there are nine muses that represent various forms of art and creation, though none fit her specific vision. “So I thought well, how about I create the Tenth Muse!” Sophia aims to officially present The Tenth Muse along with new works in an exhibition later in the year.

If you want to get in contact with Sophia about a commission or simply admire her beautiful creations, keep up-to-date via her Facebook page

All images via Sophia Georgiadis.