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The Adelaide Fringe Partners With The Don Dustan Foundation To Give Us The Inaugural Social Change Guide to the Fringe 2017


The Adelaide Fringe Partners With The Don Dustan Foundation To Give Us The Inaugural Social Change Guide to the Fringe 2017

Erin Gear

The Social Change Guide to the Fringe, a collaborative initiative between the Adelaide Fringe and the Don Dustan Foundation, invites this year’s Fringe-goers to open themselves up to a more socially progressive platform within the arts. Don Dustan, former SA premier and longtime patron of the arts, left his legacy in the form of the Don Dustan Foundation which promotes human rights, social equality and multiculturalism within South Australia.

The 85 shows featured in the Social Change Guide to the Fringe will publicise cultural diversity and social progress in the forms of contemporary issues such as domestic violence, asylum seekers, racism, mental illness and sexuality. These shows allow artists to make powerful statements, exploring relevant social issues in an attempt to de-stigmatize the perceived social taboo around some of our society’s most prominent issues. 

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Heather Croall, Adelaide Fringe Director and CEO, says that “many of the producers and presenters behind these shows are basing them on personal experience in the hope they can start honest conversations and reduce stigma in the community”.

The Social Change Guide to the Fringe hopes to be a progressive push in this year’s Fringe Festival, bringing awareness to a diverse audience and encouraging mainstream attention on the featured social issues in an accessible way.  

David Pearson, executive director at the Don Dustan Foundation, shares the purpose of the inaugural Social Change Guide to the Fringe; explaining that “at its best, art can inspire us to take action for a fairer world. We hope the guide will also inspire people to get involved in the social change organisations that have thrown their support behind this important initiative.”

Dive a little deeper this Fringe Festival, take on a new perspective and embrace the talented artists who are featured in this socially progressive guide. Digital copies of the guide can be accessed here

The 2017 Adelaide Fringe will run from February 17 to March 19. 

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