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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Bartenders Of Adelaide - Lose Yourself In Clever Little Tailor


Bartenders Of Adelaide - Lose Yourself In Clever Little Tailor

Sean Watters

It always pays to treat your bartender well. These guys 'n gals are literally the arbiters of your entire night, and they see and hear all. Treat them well and they will show you an amazing time, let you in on the good deals, or recommend you some choice home brew cocktails they've been working on. Treat them even better and maybe, just maybe, they'll tell you a story.

As the world keeps spinning, so does the Bartenders of Adelaide tour keeps marching on through the small bars of our wonderful little town; pulling up a chair in Clever Little Tailor, a cheeky little gem hidden down the rocking Peel Street. The frontage evokes the image of a summers day, striking wood paneling flanked by delightful folding windows ready to let in the sun. The first delight to be found within these walls is the sheer range of choice to be had. The entire southern wall is just stacked high with alcohol from across the world, with quite a few rare treats hidden among it all. My personal favourite is the Diplomatico rum, as recommended by their wonderful staff. Space may be at a premium, but it never feels that way in Clever Little Tailor. Everything is set just perfectly, the open air design providing a sense of great depth. The brown leather clad booths provide comfy seclusion, perfect for a first date, hipster soiree or a night out with friends. If you have a passion for great spirits, Clever Little Tailor will certainly put you in good spirits.

The bartenders at Clever Little Tailor are some of the most chilled people I've come across. It was into this relaxed environment I came into their pre-opening set-up and had a chat to Sharon. Clever Little Tailor is Sharon's first bartending job, where she has made it her home for the last 2 years. She's a big fan of wine herself, in particular Assyrtiko by Jim Barry, a vintage drop that knocks back a treat. As much as service with a smile is a must, sometimes its important to call rude customers out.  She remembers fondly a time when she called out a famous comedian for his attitude and summarily received a very large tip for the embarrassment.  Sometimes vinegar catches flies better than honey  (I take no responsibility for you pissing off the wrong customer). In conversation, Sharon brought up a phenomenon common to pretty well every service industry, 'the mystery respected man'. They exude an air of secrecy, never truly revealing who they are to everyone but are treated slightly better than most customers. One such man comes to Clever Little Tailor several times a week, sometimes when they aren't even open, always receiving a 'children's beer'  upon arrival. He quietly drinks his beer, pays for it and then leaves. Who are you, mystery man? A question we shall never know. 

Keen for a tailored drink? check out Clever Little Tailor on 19 Peel Street. Keep an eye out for Sharon and ask for her favourite wine, let her know I sent you.

All images via Clever Little Tailor