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Calling All Karaoke Lovers: Shangri-La Hits Hindley


Calling All Karaoke Lovers: Shangri-La Hits Hindley

Emma Ferraro

This week, Hindley St welcomes its latest karaoke bar incarnation: Shangri-la. A modern karaoke bar with an Asian-inspired twist, a sneak preview was available for invited VIP guests on Friday, September 9th. 

Tuoi Tran, one of the owners of 'Shangri-la', is bringing all those greatest hits to a brand new venue, which is anticipated to be a massive hit among party-goers, both those familiar and new to karaoke. "Shangri-la is more than just your average karaoke bar, it’s a full experience and the perfect destination for a hen’s night, birthday, or just a spontaneous night out on the town," says Mr. Tran, "We have all the popular tunes from the past, but Shangri-la is the only karaoke bar where you can belt out the latest tunes as they hit the charts. From Justin Bieber to ACDC, we have it all."

To accompany the extensive musical collection, Shangri-la is also providing patrons an alternative way to enjoy karaoke. “Gone are the days of singing your favourites songs in front of strangers … now you can enjoy karaoke in the privacy of your own, exclusive room," Mr. Tran declares, "with an upmarket, and intimate setting, Shangri-la has a range of private rooms that can cater for as little as four people or up to groups of twenty. Along with our premium bottle service, Shangri-la is a bar where you can party all night long." 

A unique feature of the new venue is the mural painted by local artist, Elaine Cheng. Other murals and artwork have also been created by local young artists, which will be changing with every season to introduce new meanings and keep the venue constantly evolving. Mr. Tran says, “As soon as you set foot in to Shangri-la, it’s as if you have been teleported into the heart of Asia. With oriental artwork splashed across the walls and red Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling, the exotic vibe embodies the true meaning of Shangri-la." 

Mr Tran is also the owner of popular South-Eastern Asian restaurant on Peel Street, Gondola Gondola, renowned for it’s authentic food and exotic cocktails.

Located in the heart of the Adelaide’s party scene, Shangri-la Karaoke Bar will be open to the public later this month.