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A Guide To Your New Vertical Garden


A Guide To Your New Vertical Garden

Adrienne Goode

Bunnings is a utopia of opportunities and inspiration for the inner-urban handy (wo)man. From the basic mission of changing a lightbulb, to extensive renovation projects like retiling your bathroom floor—Bunnings has everything a home D.I.Y crew could possibly need.

With the increasing popularity of apartment living, garden spaces are getting smaller and, consequently, so is the vision of that fabulous garden you’ve always wanted. However, you don’t actually need a vast outdoor space to have a striking and practical backyard scene. Lucky for you, we’ve found the perfect place for you to learn how to create and maintain a garden that will have your Instagram grid looking A+, and where better to find vision, tools, plants, and D.I.Y advice than at the iconic Bunnings Warehouse?

We were lucky enough (or perhaps deemed hopeless enough in the realm of D.I.Y) to attend an Outdoor Decorating Workshop as a part of Bunnings’ ‘How to…’ series. With more than 200 online D.I.Y tutorials across any area of the house and boundless group and individual workshops in store, the team at Bunnings know how to cater to your every need. Below is our recap on how we made our own vertical masterpiece, with the (much needed) guidance of the Bunnings D.I.Y masterminds.

The first step was to obviously get our butts into gear and head to our local Bunnings at Mile End. Making our way to their D.I.Y workshop meant we were off to a promising start, as we instantly avoided creating a shambolic blend of unevenly-cut plywood and pots that don’t quite fit in their assigned holes. Here, Bunnings had prepared perfectly cut plywood for us at the adorable size of 400mm x 186mm and had assembled all the materials and safety gear necessary. Not going to lie, throwing on the infamous pine-green apron really made us feel like true, handy Aussies.

Our workshop included measuring and marking the plywood for where the pot holes were to be cut out and where the screws were to be positioned. Guiding us each measurement of the way, the staff were helpful, attentive, and personable. We may not be mathematical geniuses, but the Bunnings instructors sure made us feel like ones. We tied back our hair, slapped on those safety goggles and headed over to the hole saw where we cut out our pot holes. Feeling like true handy (wo)men, we proceeded to sand down the edges of our plywood, cut our chains to length, and add our eye-screws in the good ol’ hammer-and-nail fashion.

Our vertical gardens were surprisingly starting to resemble something magical, and they were only going up from hereon in. The best and final step was next: entering the biggest Bunnings nursery in Australia to select our flowers. What concluded our workshop was the feeling of accomplishment and the most adorable vertical garden for us to take home.

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own vertical garden, check out the video here

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Header via Bunnings Warehouse, all other images by Adrienne Goode.