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Jemma Boyd

Laidback EDM connoisseur and the face behind that m a s s i v e hit 'Indian Summer', Jai Wolf is hitting Fat Controller in a few weeks for his Somewhere In A Forest world tour.  We were lucky enough to chat to him about the tour, his latest single Drive and being back Down Under.

Thanks for chatting with us Jai! Your track Indian Summer has just been added to the XOXO soundtrack, as well as being heard in How To Get Away With Murder and Australia’s own Hottest 100. How has life changed since you released that single?

It’s exciting to see how popular the song has become - I’d say the one thing that changed is how much I got to tour.  Before it came out, I was doing a lot of scattered shows, but after I was able to play bigger festivals and tour in different countries (like Australia!) 

You’ve recently been on your first North American tour, what has been some of the highlights?

We were able to sell out the entire tour, so every night it was genuinely surprising to see a full room. NYC was definitely a highlight - I’ve seen so many of my favourite artists at Bowery Ballroom growing up so it was dope to sell it out on my own.  

Jai Wolf cutting shapes at HARD fest 2016 - Image via Gilbert Sanchez

Jai Wolf cutting shapes at HARD fest 2016 - Image via Gilbert Sanchez


This isn’t your first trip to Australia, what can we expect this time around in terms of your live show in Adelaide?

You’ll have to come to the show and find out!

Are you excited to be back on Aussie shores?

Definitely! I had the best time last year.  Everyone I’ve met here is so nice and I’m excited to do some more exploring.  

Your latest single 'Drive' (which I’m obsessed with) features The Chain Gang of 1974, what was the experience like working with him for the track?

I’ve been a fan of Chain Gang for a few years so it was really exciting to work with him.  He really understood the vision for the track and came up with something beautiful.  

Can we expect a music video for 'Drive'?

I definitely want to make one!

Is there any chance there could be an EP or album in the works?

All I can say is I’m working on a lot of music right now.

Your genre has been called so many things... trap, deep house, Downtempo, mash-up, do you label your own music in any way?

I think indie / electronica is the most accurate way to describe it.

Two wolves in between shows - Image via Colin Miller

Two wolves in between shows - Image via Colin Miller


From the look of things your momentum is only growing, what comes next for you?

After the Australian tour, we have a big North American tour which is exciting! We’ll also put out some music before the year ends for sure.  

Finally, what’s the inspiration behind the name “Jai Wolf”?

Before I went by No Pets Allowed, but when I decided to get serious about a name I wanted to change it.  Originally I wanted to be Direwolf (the animal from Game of Thrones) but my managers thought it was too much like a metal band name.  Then I figured I could have a stage name like Frank Ocean.  So I looked up “Top 10 Indian Baby Names” on Google and came across Jai. It was easy to say and none of my friends were named Jai (imagine if you had a mate named John and you chose John Wolf).  So Jai + Direwolf = Jai Wolf. 


Jai Wolf will be at Fat Controller on the 24th of September. You can buy tickets here and listen to his latest track Drive here.

Header image via Jai Wolf