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REVIEW: Auguste 'Siren Sounds' Single Launch @ Nexus


REVIEW: Auguste 'Siren Sounds' Single Launch @ Nexus

Dan Linke

Electronic pop duo Auguste launched their new single 'Siren Sounds' - produced by Japanese Wallpaper's Gab Strum - at Nexus Arts on Friday night. Linking up with them for the night was acclaimed alt-folk singer-songwriter Mane and synth-pop trio Mio.

Mane's set exhibited swagger and bravado, with frontwoman Paige Renee Court rising to the occasion like a duck takes to water; unfortunately, the more rock-inclined aspects weren't necessarily best suited for creating momentum for a more electronica-driven show ahead.

mio august single launch 2 september 2016

Mio single handedly stole the show with their vibrant synth-pop, maintaining a blisteringly high energy throughout the set. Illuminated drum sticks and synchronised dance moves ran riot and made sure all eyes remained with the trio for the entirety of their set. In this sense, Mio not only drastically lifted the energy around the room, but also maintained it for what was to follow with Auguste.

Auguste's set followed through the valiant path carved by Mio. With the delicate vocal harmonies of Skye Lockwood and Beth Keough being combined with lush synths and powerful drumming, it was easy to hear Japanese Wallpaper's influence seep in beyond 'Siren Sounds' – with the duo's dreamy pop breathing throughout the room, the stop-start pulse of 'Kingdom' was a high point.

auguste single launch 2 september 2016 nexus arts

While Auguste had a clear mission statement, the performance came up short, both literally and metaphorically. By their own admission, the duo only had a six song set planned – not counting an impromptu encore of 'Siren Sounds', which was stripped down due to technical difficulties. Projected visuals were inexplicably pulled out for the last song before their encore, which added an aura of mystique around the band, but also begged the question of why they weren't called upon for the set's entirety. 

Despite these tribulations, the night was to celebrate how far that Auguste have come. Lockwood and Keough have potential to tug at the emotiona spectrum of their audience, and their song craft is powerful. However, if Auguste dare to make huge, yet very possible strides in the future, they may need to focus on the intricacies of honing their show, much in a similar fashion Mio has.

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