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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

The Royal Moody Barber And Shave Is Open


The Royal Moody Barber And Shave Is Open

Harrison Schultz

There’s barber shops and then there’s The Royal Moody Barber and Shave.

Having opened on Thursday the 1st of September, the Royal Moody can be found in all its super chilled out glory at 101 A, Jetty Road. Owned and operated by Glenn, with Joe doing cuts as well, between them they’ve a bunch of experience in delivering exactly what you want. Not that you need convincing, but perhaps a few excuses to get on down here?

Excuse #1 The Vibe

It’s laid back and comfortable. Whilst you wait, have a suss around the store, sit and scroll through your phone or have a chat with the dudes, they’re pretty much up to chat about anything. If only you could also have a beer while you wait...

Excuse #2 The Dudes

When you get a cut or a shave, you want to be comfortable and you want to get exactly what you ask for. These dudes will listen, cut and deliver - none of those horror cuts you received from the hairdresser down the road, or a mate who swore he knew how to cut hair (and you ended up with a bald spot and half of an eyebrow shaved off).


Excuse #3 The Difference

The difference is in the experience. Offering both appointments and walk ins, the store aims to cater for everyone's schedule. Book in for an hour long appointment Monday through to Wednesday or walk in Thursday to Saturday. Once you’re in here, it’s easy to chat with others in store. Remember the mention of if only you could have a beer? Flash a smile, or have a good chat and there’s every chance your wish will be granted.

So if it’s time for a cut, your regular is full up, or just looking for a change, make an appointment or walk on in, you won’t be disappointed!

The Royal Moody, 101 A Jetty Road

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All images by Harrison Schultz