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Review: The John Steel Singers @ Jive


Review: The John Steel Singers @ Jive

Kate Sansome

On Friday night, The John Steel Singers bid farewell to Adelaide after announcing that their current tour - in celebration of their latest album Midnight At The Plutonium, would be their final shows ever. The Brisbane group were joined at Jive by Adelaide’s psych-rock group, Chiara La Woo and Melbourne’s indie pop-rock artist, Alex Lahey.

Opening the night was local lads, Chiara La Woo who delivered a bright set filled with laid back reggae vibes, swirling synths and funky, deep bass lines. Next up was Alex Lahey, who has risen to fame this year after her huge hit single You Dont Think You Like People Like Me got major air play on Triple J and earnt her a spot on the Splendour In The Grass line up. Lahey introduced each of her songs with a bit of insight into the meaning behind the songs, and each track was filled with relatable anecdotes about being in your twenties with all the ups and downs of relationships, exes and trying to look after yourself.  L-L-L-Leave Me Alone was the perfect track for those with exes who don’t seem to get it that it’s over, and her unreleased track Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder was about the time Lahey got dumped in Perth.

Her entire set was extremely enjoyable and captivating, with the crowd absolutely cheering on for her latest singles, Ivy League, Let's Go Out and You Don't Think You Like People Like Me.

Whilst it might have been the first time many of the crowd were seeing Lahey, there was a sense of sadness in the room as it began to sink in that it would be last time we would be seeing The John Steel Singers live. 

Their set was filled with good vibes that included groovy guitars, airy vocals, a saxophone, trombone, chimes and falsetto harmonies. They played a bunch of tracks from their latest album, Midnight At The Plutonium, including the title track Weekend Lover and Can You Feel The Future.  

Although many were definitely delighted to hear some old favourites such as Overpass, Rainbow Kraut and Masochist. It was hard to imagine that it was the group's final show, especially with how refined and developed their most recent album was, personally it felt like the group were only getting better with age.

The John Steel Singers insisted that they were not on bad terms with each other and still enjoyed performing together, it was just time to move onto bigger and better things.  All in all, it was a spectacular show, filled with so much love and nostalgia, as the crowd said goodbye to beloved Brisbane band, The John Steel Singers.

All images via Ben Neale