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Review: The Gooch Palms @ Jive


Review: The Gooch Palms @ Jive

Kate Sansome

Things got pretty messy last Thursday night when The Gooch Palms returned to Adelaide to play Jive, in support of their latest album Introverted Extroverts.  The last time the duo were here, they performed at Thebarton Theatre alongside Violent Soho, Dune Rats and DZ Deathrays.  Since then, the Newcastle group have established themselves as one-to-watch, with their all-round party vibes, catchy punk riffs and high energy live show attracting many fans alike.  The group were supported by local lads, The Beverly Chills and TOUGH BOYS.

Opening the night was power rock group, TOUGH BOYS who were definitely nothing like what I was expecting.  The group walked on stage wearing head-to-toe fluro, speed dealer sunglasses and holding tiny, red guitars.  The duo took us on a journey, drawing heavily on 80s power rock influences, delivering a set filled with video game audio samples, sirens, snippets from 80s movies (think Nightmare on Elm Street) and even elevator music just to throw you off.  Although the group were quite eclectic, they were extremely entertaining and are definitely one to see live to truly appreciate their sound. 

Next up was The Beverly Chills, who once again took me completely by surprise, being nothing like what I had expected.  The group were this weird combination of surf punk and lo-fi hardcore with elements of hip-hop that somehow gelled, very, very well.  Their two opening tracks were quite intense, as both members of the duo spat out some powerful hardcore vocals and instrumentals as they ran around the crowd and even dived on the ground.  After these two songs, they immediately went on stage like they had completely different personas and commented about how they were making the crowd awkward by being so quiet before jumping into some super laid-back, surf punk tunes. 

Some of their stand out tracks, which really showcased their diverse sound, was I'm Sick and Hey Phillis.  The Beverly Chills definitely have something about them, with their weird and wonderful stage antics truly entertaining the intimate crowd.

The Gooch Palms finally took to the stage in matching red Adidas jackets, their own merch for socks and carrying a thick, unapologetic bogan accent.  The duo were prepared to deliver an impressive set filled with the enthusiasm of a presenter on a children's entertainment program, quality banter and cracks about ol' humble Adelaide and their hometown, Newcastle.  The duo teared through a bunch of tracks off their recently released second album, including Sleep Disorder, Don't Look Me Up, and huge crowd favourite Ask Me Why.  The group also played some more well-known bangers from their 2013 record, Novo’s including You, Hunter Street Mall, The Slide and Hungry, which Leroy McQueen shared was about ‘being hungry for some d*ck in the school yard.’ Although simplistic in their structure and repetitive riffs, a real stand out is their ability to make catchy, energetic lo-fi tracks filled with witty lyrics and punk melodic hooks, whilst maintaining this hilarious bogan-chic persona.  All in all, their energetic live show was truly exhilarating, proving once again why they are Australia's favourite punk sweethearts.

All images via Matt Bird