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Fashion Changes But Gin Is Forever: The Collins Bar Signature Fashion Collection Cocktail Menu


Fashion Changes But Gin Is Forever: The Collins Bar Signature Fashion Collection Cocktail Menu

Brooke Richardson

Drinking and fashion go hand in hand. Few don’t carry a clutch at a social event whilst also balancing a wine glass in the other, it’s the perfect combo to looking good… feeling good. And what better liquid confidence than a cocktail? 

Taking advantage of the knowledge that fashion plays such a huge part in Adelaide’s social scene, The Collins Bar set out to ask local designers to collaborate in creating a cocktail menu. The menu, created exclusively for Adelaide Fashion Festival, brought out the big guns in terms of local fashion icons.

Names like Cinquante The Label, So It Goes, Keepsake The Label, Paolo Sebastian, Acler, and C/MEO Collective were asked to complete a questionnaire that asked, ‘if your label was a cocktail what would it taste like?’ Boy oh boy did they deliver.

The range in cocktail variation was the perfect metaphor to showcase creative differences of each designer, as none of the cocktails looked or tasted remotely similar. From Paolo Sebastian’s frozen lemon sorbet vodka mix, to Keepsake The Label’s Cointreau and crème de cacao mix that tasted just like a Jaffa, and C/MEO Collective’s cool as a cucumber gin mixer. The berry bliss of So It Goes’ gin and strawberry bitters, Cinquante The Label’s passionfruit foam and vodka combo that reminded me summer is real, (even if Adelaide is currently experiencing an Ice Age) and finally Acler’s apple delight with vodka and apple vermouth.

While the idea of a cocktail menu inspired by Australian designers seems out of blue, the collaborative and creative skills required to pull off a winning combination are essential in both drink mixing and fashion design. The collaboration is also the perfect way for The Collins Bar, located at The Hilton in Victoria Square, to showcase their sponsorship of Adelaide Fashion Festival.

The Collins Bar will be showcasing the full menu of designers until the 29th of October when Adelaide Fashion Festival concludes, so be sure to head down and try a cocktail or two.

Where: The Collins Bar, Victoria Square

When: 27th of September until the 29th of October.