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The Ultimate Roadtrip Across The Fleurieu Peninsula


The Ultimate Roadtrip Across The Fleurieu Peninsula

Alexia Frangos

Imagine your perfect road trip; I have a feeling it involves your best mates or S/O, good tunes you'll collectively sing to, having a laugh and taking pics of whoever falls asleep first. Your accommodation could involve a decked out cabin with a balcony facing the ocean, or a room overlooking a vineyard, or even a small, cosy cottage. Whatever your definition of a great road trip is, RAA's SA Holiday Experiences have it organised and ready for you to have a fun weekend away right here in our home state.

We love a good ol' fashioned road trip here at RADL, so we packed our bags and set off to the Fleurieu Peninsula for our weekend 'abroad' in the quaint town of Victor Harbor. We were lucky enough to have a package customised for us through RAA's SA Holiday Experiences to showcase some of the best activities the south has to offer.

RADL reppin'

RADL reppin'

We drove from ADL to Langhorne Creek for our first experience; five of us managed to squish up in a lil red car while we listened to Triple J and moaned about levels of hunger and need for coffee. It was perfect weather for what we were about to do. Down the long dirt driveway we went, to see our small plane drenched in blue and orange, the time had come... we were gonna jump out of a plane!

If you love roller-coasters or are a full blown adrenaline junkie, you MUST make the trip and tick tandem skydiving off your bucket-list. Thanks to the wonderful team from SA Skydiving at Langhorne Creek, we had a beyond fantastic time jumping 10,000 feet out of a moving plane. Read about the whole experience here. 

Next stop: Victor Harbor Beachfront Holiday Park. Dragging our tired butts out the car for a much needed Nanna nap, we walked into our awesome cabin that looks over the beach and is everything you could ask for in accommodation with mates. Complete with a bottle of bubbles and cheese board, we were ready to ring in the night. The plan was to go to a local pub for dinner but the cabin was too nice to leave, so we decided to grab beach staples: fish and chips, before sinking some bevvies and watching/yelling at the Crows game. Any good stay at a cabin with mates always involves having the speakers up singing to your favourite tunes, and dancing like you're alone in your room (but you're not alone cause everyone is dancing just as badly as you are, so it's okay). You wake up in the opposite bed you were supposed to sleep in, or crash on the couch, and head off to the next adventure.

Rounding up a bunch of twenty-somethings at 10am on a Sunday should be easy right? Wrong. We threw on our bathers, splashed coffee into our gobs, and swiftly jogged to the car to make it to Middleton Beach for our next experience; surfing! Despite the cold, bitter wind and waves going over our heads, we had a blast with the Surf n Sun crew who showed us how to tackle and ride the choppy waves with ease. Read all about our adventure in the sea here.

Casual 9 foot board, tired feet and nose full o' salt.

Casual 9 foot board, tired feet and nose full o' salt.

Sandy, salty and refreshed, we stopped past Pt Elliot Bakery to chow down on a couple of well deserved pies (each) and back to the cabin before our drive home. As we cleaned up, beached it on the couch and reminisced over our trip, we all knew that a weekend like this was just what we needed. We all get busy with work, studies and other commitments we often forget to take the time off and have a real worry-free weekend. Next time you're in search of a great way to holiday in your own backyard, check out what holiday experiences RAA of SA have to offer here. No matter what region, schedule or interests you have in mind, the team at RAA know how to make your weekend away one you won't wanna come home from.

We'd like to give a massive thank you to Victor Harbor Beachfront Holiday Park, SA Skydiving, Surf n Sun and RAA for making our weekend away the ultimate road trip we won't be forgetting. Check out all these places on Facebook and Instagram for their updates.

All photos by Wade Whitington