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The Higher You Get The Further You Fall, And We Just Fell 10,000ft


The Higher You Get The Further You Fall, And We Just Fell 10,000ft

Harrison Schultz

The act of jumping in a plane, taking off, going up to as high as 14,000ft and then jumping back out of the plane into freefall... it’s insane. But it’s the type of insane that after you’ve done it once, you'll feel the need to tell everyone you know to give it a shot. Recently it was time for a couple of us here at RADL to get really high, and goddamn it was worth it.

Skydiving while trying to macerena, accomplished. 

Skydiving while trying to macerena, accomplished. 

Thanks to the awesome team at RAA SA Holiday Experiences, we were all set for our custom holiday along the Fleurieu Peninsula, first making our way out to the picturesque Langhorne Creek SA Skydiving centre. For all of its relaxing vibes, wineries and all, it was strange to feel so energetic knowing we would soon be plunging out of a plane with little more than a few cords and a giant tarp above us. Okay, so the gear may be worth a few grand, and there’s also another human strapped to you leading you through everything, but 10,000ft above ground is still a lot further than the time you accidentally rolled out of bed and fell to the ground. Serious shout out to Jed the awesome tandem master he is, for helping me keep it together all morning.

Before the jump, the SA Skydiving crew lead you through all the safety precautions, your responsibilities during the jump and how all of the gear works. After getting in to your skydiving kit, if it hasn’t already hit that you’re about to jump out of a plane, this tends to trigger that. Your knees start to get weak, palms maybe a little sweaty and if you ate spaghetti last night, well you know where I’m going. Then it’s time to head out to the plane where take off ensues.

Prior to heading up into the air yourself, it’s pretty likely that you’ll notice how small anyone jumping before you appeared up in the sky. When you’re up in the sky looking down, everything looks even smaller and the view of the landscape is nothing less than incredible. if you’re really lucky, on the right day you might see a little of Adelaide, but views of the River Murray, Lake Alexandrina and an array of other lakes, fields and nature strips were absolutely breath taking.  By the time you take it all in, it’s time to jump. Whether you opt to jump nicely for the perfect photo, or go out a little crazy, don’t shut your eyes and panic, take a deep breath and just let it happen.

Suddenly you’re plummeting towards the ground, and there isn’t a single thing you can do, except enjoy one of the best experiences of your life. Hot tip, don’t try and do the Macerena unless you know it, you’ll end up looking as though you’re trying to karate chop the air… Which is about as funny as it sounds.

Eventually, and as seemingly quickly as it began, the plummeting comes to a halt, the parachute deploys and you’re gliding thousands of feet above the earth. The adrenaline rush slows (if only a little) and you’re left with the opportunity to really take in the breathtaking landscape of Langhorne Creek. If you’re lucky, you might even get the chance to fly the parachute through the air yourself. Circling down, slowly but surely, hitting ground is somewhat comforting, but within a couple of minutes the ground is pretty boring again. The only uncertainty left once you hit the ground is when your next jump will be.

Keen to give this a shot yourself? Feeling a little nervous about it? Organise a group trip with a few mates, make it a group outing and you can always swing by Prancing Pony for a beer afterwards (there's a package for that!). For more packages, prices and general information, visit SA Skydiving.

Or maybe making an entire weekend out of the experience is what takes your fancy? This is where RAA SA Holiday Experiences come in. Sure they've got your back on flat tires and car problems, but our experience this weekend was all thanks to this wonderful new service. Jump onto their website to find out more, and let them help you out with a holiday you won't be forgetting anytime soon.

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