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Adelaide Nutritionist And Naturopath Launches New Book


Adelaide Nutritionist And Naturopath Launches New Book

Emma Ferraro

Kasey Willson is Adelaide's expert behind nutrition, and natural healing. This September, Kasey is celebrating the launch of her third book, 'Balanced: The Natural Way To Healthy Hormones.' 

Kasey currently practices at her own clinic, 'Aloe Health' in Mile End, where she has been treating women of all ages since 2009. Kasey believes that nutrition is a fundamental component of achieving, and maintaining true overall health. As an expert in women's health, Kasey incorporates nutritional, and herbal medicine, to support her patients in attaining optimal digestive, and hormonal balance. 

“I was seeing so many women, from young teenagers right through to women in their 60’s, who were presenting me with hormone challenges," says Kasey, "But I wanted to help more than just those whom I could offer one-on-one support with in my private clinic, I decided to share this through writing 'Balanced'. 

“If you suffer from mood swings, exhaustion, skin breakouts, period problems, or excess belly fat, then your hormones may be trying to tell you something. This book is not just a healthy eating guide; it offers a comprehensive holistic approach to take control of your health."

Kasey Willson, ND. 

Kasey Willson, ND. 

Last Thursday, we were lucky to attend Kasey's book launch celebration, where we joined in on a meditative yoga session, and enjoyed healthy treats courtesy of Nutritional Republic and Pure Press Juice. We were extremely inspired by Kasey's honest passion and knowledge of women's health, and her dedication to improving nutritional balance through natural means. 

Over the past few years, Kasey has written several other e-books, and e-courses guiding and enlightening women on how to enhance their well-being. In 2012, she began her own blog, 'My Health, My Happiness', providing readers with the opportunity to personally connect with her. 

For a helping hand to a healthier lifestyle, this book is definitely one to add to your library.

'Balanced: The Natural Way To Healthy Hormones' is available to purchase as of September 15h, 2016. 

Connect with Kasey via her website, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Photos by Emma Ferraro and Rachael Wepener