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Radelaidians Doing Cool Shit #2, Skimboarder Jake Mcintosh


Radelaidians Doing Cool Shit #2, Skimboarder Jake Mcintosh

Harrison Schultz

As if skateboarding and surfing wasn't hard enough, someone came up with the idea of skimboarding, and lets be honest, we've all seen that video of the unfortunate guy, fully clothed stumbling towards a skimboard but falling over miserable before even jumping on... Jake McIntosh on the other hand is making it look easy. The Radelaidan who has been travelling around the globe skimboarding is talented to say the very least!

We've been seeing a few sweet as images of you pop up around the place lately, where have you been travelling to?

Yeah I’ve had a fairly decent run of waves lately. My most recent trip was to Bali and Sri Lanka along with that a lot of mission trips in between studies, heading down to Yorkes to get a couple of cold slabs throughout this winter.

Any highlights from the travelling?

This is a hard question. I always find trying to pinpoint or pick highlights is next to impossible when travelling abroad or somewhere new. Whenever I travel on skimboarding orientated trips, I always go away with the open mind of knowing where I’m going and that there’s a ‘possibility’ on scoring waves, how good is always another question. 

My most recent trip to Sri Lanka was a complete wing. I knew absolutely nothing, only photos and google maps showing a coastline that looked like it could produce a wave perfect for skimboarding. I somehow managed to line up a taxi driver from back here in Australia, met a guy from England in Kuala Lumpur and then we both travelled 8 hours from Colombo through jungle and road mayhem to get to A-bay. The trip started off long and drawn out but faded pretty quickly, waking up the next morning to see waves lining up perfect - how I pictured them when seeing photos. Standing there on the beach seeing it all unfold was a pretty surreal moment that won’t be forgotten.

Not to disclose any ‘secret’ places, but any favourite countries/places/cities/towns to skim?

There’s a fair few in Mexico, (Cabo San Lucas) and Hawaii probably. Each place I’ve travelled to skim has its own vibe or different scenery, riders and culture. California is always good to go back to, it’s where the sport originated from. It has good waves all the time and I’ve also made some good mates out there that I’m always stoked to see. Besides that, I love our waves down here, [they're] completely different, raw and untouched.

How does SA compare to the rest of Australia and the world when it comes to finding locations to go?

South Australia holds the best skim in Australia, I believe hands down. Finding waves without knowing where to look is another story, it’ll take you a while.

Does SA have any skim boarding competitions, or do you find yourself having to travel for them?

We unfortunately don’t seem to have a competition based anymore in Australia. There used to be a couple that would pop up, but now days the only event we have is Skimdulgence that’s ran every year in October down here in South Australia. It’s more of a gathering of riders from all around Australia than a competition, although in previous years it has been.

If you could go and compete in an event or just travel anywhere, for the sake of skimboarding, where would you want to head?

It would have to be Brazil on the list now, next year I’ll be aiming to make it out there for the worlds.

You’ve been dabbled in a bit of film before, should we be keeping an eye out for anything new soon?

Yep I have! I was supposed to stack a whole heap of clips on my travels in Sri Lanka but had a fair few unexpected difficulties pop up along the way, so this unfortunately never came together. In saying this I’ve got something in the works at the moment that I’ll be shooting over the coming month as winters ends up. Just in time before summer when a lot will be happening!

Who have you been working with on the film side of things?

My younger brother Khyl, he’s recently gained a passion for photography and film, and he has an eye for it. Along with him, a good mate of mine Jake Wundersitz who’s been doing a lot of work behind the lens over the past 6 months in Indonesia and recently got back home. I’m sure we will collaborate as well in the near future.


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Header image and 4th image by Jake Wundersitz. All others by Khyl McIntosh