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Ones To Watch: Burnside Mums


Ones To Watch: Burnside Mums

Emilie La Pietra

A 'Burnside Mum' is typically known as one who hangs out at Burnside Village daily, wearing the customary skin-tight white jeans, large sunglasses and smells of week-old tan. Their demeanor screams wealth and pomposity, while they scream at you for not having burnt their skinny latte enough to their precise order of 'extra extra extra hot'. 

We all know one / have experienced at least one of these cretins. These guys, however, are not them.

Have you ever stumbled upon a band and been so excited about your discovery that you're unsure whether you want to keep it to yourself or scream it to the world? That's how I felt with the Burnside Mums, and the obvious choice was to share the love.

Jason Katsaras (21) and Christian Andreotti (19) are the two blokes that make up this brand new band. Defining themselves as 'Adelaide's primo shit-rock band', they ooze hopeless rock, with their influences stemming from other legendary local guys such as Bad//Dreems and The Hardaches, as well as The Drones, Skeggs and Dick Diver

The name behind the band? Precisely what you're already thinking. It's simply taking the piss out 'Burnside Mums' as a sub-culture; bringing attention to Adelaide being divided into camps.

Currently as a two-piece band, Burnside Mums have started recording as a four-piece, and have just released their debut single 'Spinning Out', produced by Dylan Cooper from Adelaide-band Racoon City Police Department. Take a listen on their Bandcamp page here.

Do you understand my dilemma now? Keep an eye out, they'll be having a jam at all your favourite local Adelaide venues soon!

If you do choose to keep these guys to yourself, hold on to that feeling for as long as you can, because it won't be long until the whole town is talking about them. 

You can follow these guys on their Facebook Page and listen to them on their Bandcamp or  Triple J Unearthed page.

You're welcome.

All images via Bella Mcrae.