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Paint The Town Purple


Paint The Town Purple

Caitlin Tait

This Friday, August 26, is Wear It Purple Day, which helps to show support for the rainbow youth within Australia (and around the world).

In 2010 the Wear It Purple Day was launched in Australia after two queer youth took their own lives in the US. Wear It Purple is run by young people and works toward a world where, according the cause’s website, ‘every young person can thrive, irrelevant of sex, sexuality or gender identity’. And what a good world that will be.

Image via Wear it Purple website.

Image via Wear it Purple website.

So how can wearing purple on Friday make a difference?

Wearing purple at your workplace or school is a small (but significant) way of showing support for the rainbow youth, whether you’re an adult or not.

Elizabeth Sutherland at SBS wrote:

“What many adults don’t realise is that young people generally assume we are homophobic and transphobic unless we make it clear that we are not. To put it another way: LGBTQIA+ youth make judgement calls all the time about where and when they can be safe to be themselves…”

Wearing purple shows that you are supporting the young people who exist within queer community, showing you are creating a space for them to exist and navigate as themselves, and safely.

La Trobe University released the statistic that 80% of young queer people have experiences bullying or harassment, whether physical or verbal, while at school. Wearing the colour – whether it’s a shirt, tie, ribbon or pin – young people will see the support and appreciate it. I know I will.

Image via Wear it Purple website.

Image via Wear it Purple website.

“Participating in Wear it Purple says: I support you. I value you. You have a right to be proud of who you are, and I’m proud of you, too." – Sutherland

Note: the use of ‘queer community’, rather than LGBTQI+ is a personal choice, encompassing and including all sexual and gender identities. 

Header image via Wear It Purple Facebook page.